Warm and funny, he ignored him and turned to look at Fu Yunyi and asked softly, "Is brother uncomfortable?"

Smell speech Fu Yunyi hasn’t said anything sacred, so I’m not willing to open my eyes and shake her arm. "Warm son, did you deliberately tear me down?" I just said Shu, and you asked him if he was uncomfortable? "
Warm didn’t good the spirit clap his hand "don’t make me serious with my cousin"
"It hurts to be warm …" He exaggerated and put his head on her shoulder. His hands turned into arms around her waist and he didn’t forget to wink at Fu Yunyi. "Are you really uncomfortable, big cousin?"
Fu Yunyi squinted at him and ignored the meaning in his words. Looking at the warmth, he smiled and shook his head. "It’s okay to be warm, but I don’t know how to get along. I will find a balance slowly."
Warm pulled his hand and bowed his head and casually toyed with "If you don’t, I don’t like it if I don’t like it, and I don’t like it even if I have that blood relationship?"
"Warm son, do you think so?"
"Well, God gave me a hint to stop worrying about it. If I think too much, I will suffer my own satisfaction, so I can give everything else to you. Who knows what will happen?"
"It’s best that you think so. I’m afraid you’ll get stuck in it and suffer from yourself."
"What about you? Maybe? "
"Of course, just now I don’t do well? I didn’t rush to show off and please him because he was your father, and I didn’t get rough with him because he hurt my uncle and aunt. This is also a thought. "
Warm just wanted to say that I didn’t recognize him as a father and listened to the sacred pie pie. "Big cousin, who are you kidding?" You didn’t please and be rude, but you really didn’t show yourself at all? "
Fu Yunyi’s face is magnanimous. "No meansno. I don’t flatter myself like you do, and I beautify myself as the first husband. I don’t even forget to coquetry for a meal."
Holy koo retorted, "Did I behave normally? It’s not like you deliberately performed in front of him, but you are different. You dare to say that you didn’t have any selfishness at that time? Hey, you must be the most unforgettable impression in people’s hearts if you are different and stand out? "
"Ahem ….." Warmth is choking. Why is it that one thing that seems to her to be quite tangled and difficult to solve has changed in his mouth?
Fu Yunyi tugged at the corners of her mouth. "There’s something wrong with your eyes."
Sacred not to be outdone, he hummed, "I found you lurking not deep enough."
See two people want to tear up warm nai dozen circle field "all right, don’t make so much noise and enjoy the scenery. Let’s get ready to go home."
Both of them did not move.
"What’s the hurry? Warm son, they are still playing chess. Hey, hey, why don’t we take advantage of the fact that no one is bothering us now …" The sacred voice is ambiguous and it is dishonest to hug her waist and hand.
Looked at Fu Yunyi eyes a hot.
Warm suddenly there is a feeling that there is a wolf in front and a tiger in the back, which makes me feel a little tired. I didn’t good the spirit and scolded three words in a row, and then I started to run. I was busy chasing after my mouth and flirting and shouting, "Beauty, wait for me. Don’t be afraid. I will hurt you well …"
Warm almost didn’t fall.
Fu Yunyi corners of the mouth smoke words to go.
When I got back to my room, the chess was not finished, but it wasn’t as warm as I expected. She had returned the chess, but those two were so absorbed that they didn’t even know they were back.
Even Zhou Hanhan changed his laziness and was very interested in watching the war and took the opportunity to pull it into the picture.
Warm picked an eyebrow and said nothing.
Sacred is more exaggerated. Surprised by "Yi", he added, "It’s a real chess game. It’s amazing …"
Warm rolled his eyes.
Fu Yunyi evokes the lip angle, which coincides with the sacred idea.
Holy this talk chess two people react Jiang Quan blunt warm smiled and asked "warm son, are you back? What is the night view? Do you still like it? "
Warm walked over and sat longing for a change, very perfunctory and nodded "ok"
It is this sentence that makes Jiang Quan happy. He is very satisfied if she can respond to her indifference. "If you like it, I will take you to eat again, ok?"
Looking at the chessboard head warmly, I didn’t look up. "We’ll see."
I woke up with longing. "It’s your turn to fall."
Jiang Quan just put attention back to the chessboard and frowned for a while before Zheng replayed it.
This beautiful and embattled situation was revitalized as soon as possible.