Month: June 2024


Changsheng naturally refuses to submit easily. He coldly said to the reporters as he walked to the training base surrounded by reporters, "objective law?" Is […]

Hai Xinge was surprised by his idea, but he believed that the situation would really be like this. Many things in the three-system China made him feel incredible. These interstellar days, the information returned shows that Daikin Empire, which is not much worse than the fire empire of the home country, was defeated in the hands of the thunderbolt empire, the predecessor of the three countries. Although it was a bit puzzling, it was defeated, and its territory shrank by 22 star fields. Great emperor is a what kind of person, he is very clear, but this guy actually put up with it, you know, the children of the golden royal family have died a day, and his right-hand man, Duke Barker, has few people left. It’s genocide.

Haixinge had to weigh one again. The weight of China, the Jin Empire came to this step, and the intelligence researchers concluded that it was […]