Zhang Xiaotian didn’t say it was okay, but everyone’s face changed! The words mean that Bai Lingshan is going to keep Qin Wen, a highly qualified ghost, as a "stallion"!

"elder brother! Then what shall we do? " Hear Zhang Xiaotian say that finish these Yang Xiao some sorrow asked their qualifications or something unexpected to reach the level of the ghost emperor, I’m afraid it won’t be long before, especially after reaching the peak of the ghost king, if you are not careful, you may break through to the ghost emperor! But they can’t always keep Hugh at the level of the ghost king!
"Wan’er! You won’t blame me, will you? " Looking at my arms, Qin Wan, Zhang Xiaotian’s mood is somewhat complicated. The strength of practicing Buddhism in Lingshan is really too strong! To reach the level of ghost emperor, wherever they hide, they will be found by Lingshan! Qin Wan had a good chance to get rid of this fate …
"Xiao day! It’s fun to live without you! How can I blame you? Don’t worry, if we don’t reach the realm of the ghost emperor, nothing will happen! " At this time, Qin Wan comforted Zhang Xiaotian instead.
"elder brother! If it’s a big deal, we’ll fight them They want us to be their tools for practicing Buddhism in Lingshan, and we can’t make them feel better! " See all the people are a face of silence Yang Xiao angrily shouted.
"It’s better to stand up and resist than to be scared every day!" Zhang Dianfei thoughtfully for a moment and said slowly, if you let his generation stay at the peak of the Ghost King and be a little puss-head, I’m afraid he will be uncomfortable for a generation!
"We will advance and retreat with Master!" Aside to ling day three people a face of awe-inspiring said
"Buddha? Even if they don’t come to me, I will go to them sooner or later! " Xiao Qing said coldly with a cold face
"I am not afraid of them!" Fat boy took Xiao Qing in one hand and waved it tightly in the other.
"good! Let’s face the difficulties together! " Zhang Xiaotian said with a smile
"In fact, the owner is not so worried!" Aside to ice spirit thoughtfully for a moment some hesitation said
"Why? Bing Ling, do you have any good ideas? " Zhang Xiao, as I heard the ice spirit say this, could not help but move. This guy remembered that ice spirit had lived for more than ten thousand years!
"That in the range to a certain level will be the secret law I have seen before! If you don’t go to that range at the moment when the realm rises to the ground, there will be no problem! " Ice spirit nodded and said slowly
"When the state rises, it is not in that range? Lingshan uses secret magic, but the whole hell. Where do you want us to hide? Boundary? Still secular? When we get to the world, I’m afraid we’re going to the secular world. Who knows if they have set such a secret law in the secular world? " Hear this ice spirit Zhang Xiaotian face can’t help but become embarrassed, although this is a method, but it is not a good method!
"master! If the fire and water spiritual ring is repaired, then the fire and water will be isolated from the outside world! Then the master will enter the fire and water when he breaks through the ghost emperor level, and it will be fine! " Shook his head ice spirit light said with a smile
"What? Cut off from the outside world! Really? " Zhang Xiaotian face a burst of surprise!
"It was like this when the former fire and water spirit ring was not damaged!" Nodded ice spirit a face of affirmation said
"Ha ha-"Zhang Xiaotian people cast a glance at each other and laughed. They finally stopped worrying that they would be noticed by Lingshan Buddhism, and they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief!
"The fire and water spirit can be repaired in a few days, and then we won’t worry!" Yang Xiao excitedly said
Things are hanging high! Sure enough, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, smiled and said, "Although those Buddhist practitioners in Lingshan won’t notice us for a while, this hell is also those Buddhist sites! Let’s not be too conspicuous! "
"yes! Listen to my dad said that the old man’s house, King Earth Treasure, has a god beast. Listen carefully to find out what happened in the whole hell! Although everyone’s repairs are not too high, we still have to be careful! " The singer nodded his head and Qin Wan said profoundly
"The treasure king’s house? Hum! Dog traitor! The ghost repair actually went to be the lackeys who practiced Buddhism and helped them deal with our ghost repair together! " Hear Qin wan so respectfully call Yang Xiao to the earth treasure king’s face and say coldly.
Zhang Xiaotian sighed at the bottom of my heart and turned to look to one side, fat boy! The god beast around the earth treasure king is Xiao Raner. I hope it can open its eyes and close its eyes in Xiao Ran’s face!
Zhang Xiaotian recognized from Pang Shen’s previous speech in the hall! It seems that Xiaoran should have died thousands of years ago, and finally he saved his life because of the earth treasure king! Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, gives birth to a trace of sadness. Xiao Ran, Qin Wen, the devil emperor and the faint ghost emperor are all incomparable figures in hell, but they are nothing in front of those masters in the world! Pang Shen can easily kill the ghost emperor with a few words!
"Not everyone is not afraid dead! Life and death are often involuntary! Ghost repair is to kill each other and be hostile! Even if the earth treasure king would rather die than surrender, there will never be many ghosts to repair him! " Maybe it’s because of the fat boy, maybe it’s because of Xiao Ran’s original reason. Zhang Xiaotian sighed slightly, and it’s fair for the earth treasure king to say something.
In the history of China, how many dedicated national loyalists died at the hands of those invaders, but ignorant national harmony did not understand and appreciate! If it was Zhang Xiaotian, I’m afraid I would have quit! Let Zhang Xiaotian be the king of earth treasure, and Zhang Xiaotian may not be much better than the king of earth treasure!
"Hum!" Yang Xiao slightly cold hum a no longer speak.
"Huh?" Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian frowned.
"What’s the matter?" See Zhang Xiaotian this expression Qin wan export light asked.
"Your dad is wandering around here!" Zhang Xiaotian said slowly with a frown.
"Ah?" Qin wan opened his mouth wide and was at a loss! A pair of adultery is now like.
"Wan’er rest assured! I’ll go out and talk to him! " Notice that Qin Wen is going to quit the fire and water spirit outside now. Zhang Xiaotian patted Qin Wan’s little hand and said with a smile that Zhang Xiaotian disappeared for a moment.
It’s not as long as it used to be. Two or three hundred miles east of the ghost town, Qin Wen searched while flying in the middle! I don’t know if it’s because of his fighting in Zhang Xiaotian or because of Zhang Xiaotian’s attitude! Or because of something else, Qin Wen has a gloomy face and cold eyes!
"Right here!" Qin Wenxin silently chanting! Through the secret method, he sensed whether Zhang Xiao’s breath of heaven and earth or Pang Shen’s breath suddenly disappeared around here.
If Pang Shen’s breath disappears alone, Qin Wen won’t worry! It’s normal to hide your breath because Pang Shen is a real person! But Zhang Xiaotian’s breath disappears here, and Qin Wen has to worry! Zhang Xiaotian strength he is already seen! And Zhang Tianhe qin wan he also know clearly so that …
"My father-in-law is well!" While Qin Wen’s mind was turning around indefinitely, a laughing sound suddenly sounded not far behind him.
Zhang Xiaotian!’ Suddenly back Qin Wen eyes out of a fiercely light coldly shouted
"It’s me!" Zhang Xiaotian a face of smile should way.
"Wan’er? What have you done with Wan’er? " Qin Wen asked coldly
"This also asks my father-in-law to rest assured that Wan’er is very good and safe now!" Zhang Xiaotian responded and said slowly.
"Very well? Very safe? Hum! Do you know that you are doing harm to Wan’er! " Say a few words Qin Wen heavy cold hum one or two eyes red shouted.
"Father-in-law’s adult to speak not too exaggerated! Since I have done this, I will protect Wan’er! Wan’er is my favorite woman. If I can’t protect my favorite woman, I don’t deserve to live in this world! " Face a smile Zhang Xiaotian light said.
"The most beloved woman?" Qin Wen at that time some leng then some sad smile some hoarse said, "what do you know? Give Wan’er up and see for Wan’er’s sake, and I’ll spare your life this time! "
Chapter two hundred and forty-two A place to live
"Spare my life?" Zhang Xiaotian responded and said slowly, "If it is my father-in-law’s adult who wants to play with me, then I will be more careful! After all, you are Wan’er’s father! " In the latest chapter, Zhang Xiaotian didn’t take Qin Wen seriously in the online reading discourse.
"You are young-who is your father-in-law?" Hear Zhang Xiaotian so despise words Qin Wen immediately great anger! Just when Qin Wen wanted it, he suddenly remembered something, so Qin Wen held his anger and asked coldly, "Where are Pang Gong and them?" Then Qin Wencai remembered Pang Shenlai.
Pang Shen is with Qin Wan. Now listen to Zhang Xiaotian’s tone. Qin Wan fell into his hand. Then Zhang Xiaotian must have contacted Pang Shen. His daughter forgot Pang Shen for a while. Now Zhang Xiaotian wants him to learn from Qin Wen. He knows that Zhang Xiaotian is being tested by Qin Wensi. Suddenly he remembered Pang Shen who was forgotten by him! Thought of here, Qin Wen suddenly worried that this is a big deal!
"Pang Gong? Do you think it’s him? " Zhang Xiaotian weird smile a wave of his hand a white object was Zhang Xiaotian thrown straight to the Qin Wen!
"Hoo!" Qin Wen was shocked to see a white object flying towards him! For a moment, a black glove appeared in the fist and a punch was thrown at the white object.
"Pang Gong!" However, Qin Wen, who waited for the white object to be close at hand, shouted with a frightened face that the castration of the fist changed, and a mass of rich gray soul force was cast in front of the fist, including the "white object" and stopped Pang Shen’s figure.
"It’s dead!" Suddenly Qin Wen shouted with a face of shock
"If you don’t kill him, can you still let him go and wait for him to bring someone back for revenge?" Zhang Xiaotian laughed at a coldly say.
"You are in big trouble!" Qin Wen stretched out a finger trembling and pointed to Zhang Xiaotian’s anger and said, "You killed Grand Duke Xuanzong! They won’t let you go! Give me back Wan’er quickly and run by yourself! "
"Thank you for your father-in-law’s kindness!" Zhang Xiaotian bent down to Qin Wenhang a ceremony light said "PangShen killed by me things unless you say out others won’t know! So you don’t worry! Even if they knew Ponshin was dead, they wouldn’t find my head! "