Of course, Han Xinyi can mean that you have helped me a lot. If I fly out of the city like this, I will be afraid. Then you will have no face. Let the absolute field see your jokes? You don’t have any guts?

"Really don’t fly away?" Han Xinyi heard a little touched.
Mad dog dragon bowed his hand. "I’ll have a good drink with Brother Sao. See you in the new district!"
Then he righteously turned away and never looked back.
It was not until he walked far away that he sighed, "Xiaoyi, you are such a good friend with lofty sentiments! Also loyal enough! Seriously, I want to make him a friend! "
Han Xinyi proudly said, "I’m sure all my friends are responsible people. Don’t underestimate him, although he’s only a level 2, it’s a big deal!"
She paused thoughtfully and said, "But I’m still a little worried about him. After all, he is willing to take my position and wants us to go back to the headquarters first. I’ll let the third martial sister follow him and see if it’s best to escort him safely out of the country."
Can Mad Dog Dragon leave the country smoothly? That’s absolutely impossible!
As soon as he got out of the city and joined Yan Yuhua in the northern suburbs, the blue meteor shower appeared in the whole sky. After all, Han Xinyi was not on the water. She still underestimated the absolute field. The end of the world is always the vice president, and her sister was killed. It is unrealistic to say that.
At the moment, the flying man has to be a magnificent male swordsman. The costume should be a magic swordsman. He is holding off the mad dog dragon in the northern suburbs first because Tianya is mobilizing all forces. These people are still returning to Shuiyuncheng Road.
Of course, it would be great to be able to slay the mad dog dragon!
People in the absolute field are quite disciplined in doing things. The Magic Swordsman came face-to-face and took the initiative to show the guild prefix and id "Absolute Field-Proud of the Central Plains" and at the same time handed over "I have been entrusted by the club to ask for advice on two brilliant ideas. Please give me more advice!"
He didn’t show off in any way. He didn’t mean to wake up and watch the lively life players around. This is our absolute field. It’s time to close up and leave for a while. Then don’t blame me for not waking up in advance.
Yan made yuhua district the whole city would have been wearing a pair of tangdao, and it would have been ruddy and radiant, and the cloak fluttered before striding. "You must know that we are coming out of the north gate."
Proud of the Central Plains, he smiled and said, "It is natural for you exiles to set off north. Since you can take the Golden Eagle Meeting Line, you will not fly away. I can easily find you!"
Yan Yuhua Qingcheng also smiled, "At least you are honest!"
Proud of the Central Plains Road, "There are honest people who deserve to play tricks on ghosts, and there is usually no good place!"
This is an allusion to the mad dog dragon, and the mad dog dragon also smiled, "I knew this war was inevitable!" "
"Then I will come!" At the same time, he jumped high in the Central Plains with a pair of dragons, phoenixes and double swords, and then he cut it fiercely.
He has a good eye. The double sword doesn’t hit the mad dog dragon, but falls towards the head of Yan Yuhua City.
One sword is burning with a red fire, and the other sword is covered with light blue ice. The two skills "Fire Sword" and "Ice Sword" are issued together. Even if you hide from the blade, you will not be attacked by additional magic effects.
Yan Yuhua’s whole roots didn’t hide. They also jumped high in the middle of the school, and the cold light flashed "when" they knocked on his double swords while the whole person was still rising.
Seeing that the Central Plains is about to fall to the ground, a dark and shiny handle, Tatsu Yamashiro, stuck to the grass and cut it very insidiously.
Mad dog dragon, don’t look at the opportunity, sneak attack is fierce. Of course, there must be a way to deal with it. His hands slammed into one of the swords, and the body didn’t bury it, supporting his whole body. Suddenly, he stood upside down and waved with the other sword, and "ding" blocked Tatsu Yamashiro.
Mad dog dragon rolled over from the grass and failed to sneak up on the horse and rolled to the other side.
However, at this moment, the wind in high school is so arrogant that out of the corner of his eye, the whole city of Yan Yuhua has been found to be coming like a swallow, and he knows that it must be the other side’s killing, so he dare not retreat next to it hard to get out.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-seven Nemesis like a cloud
When Yan Yuhua whole city is swept obliquely, it is natural that the tip of the long knife is inserted into the soil after flashing in front of the central plains, but the difference of the long sword in the central plains is that the blade immediately bends into an arc to support her body. After a slight pause in the middle, the blade "zither" stretched straight and quickly bounced back in the direction of retreating in the central plains.
"Dangdang Dangdang Dangdang!"
A series of metal impacts are very pleasing to the ear. See Yan Yuhua’s long horizontal rotating knife twisted into a trumpet shape, driving the central plains to retreat repeatedly.
Mad dog dragon is only white now. What’s the cold front Qu Zhiyan? They like to call her "Xiaoyan" because when they really fight, the posture of Yan Yuhua City is particularly elegant and smart, and the style changes very quickly.
Before several actions, Yan Yuhua City didn’t intend to really fight or get ambushed, but this time it was determined to have a big fight, and there was no reservation.
Zhong Fei Xuan is not over yet. She looks down on the Central Plains with a roaring body and a big red double sword. She firmly grasps the long knife and pushes the whole city of Yan Yuhua forward like a broken kite. It seems that she will fall to the ground. As a result, she turns several times and is elegant and straight.
And the figure of the mad dog dragon who despises the Central Plains falls from the sky behind him.
This time, it is not the dark hall blade Tatsu Yamashiro. After all, it is far from slow to move, and the night shadow comes quickly
Proud of the central plains flying forward, but the night shadow still drew a mouth on his back.
Night Shadow now exaggerates the attack power by 164 points with Mad Dog Dragon attribute, and the actual damage value will be exaggerated by "-32 points" after hitting the central plains, which means that this person’s defense has actually exceeded 15 points.
It’s really quite abnormal for people of Grade 2, but white people know in their hearts that it’s normal for this person to have this kind of defense even at Grade 7.
I am proud of the fact that I didn’t panic after being stabbed in the Central Plains. I secretly gathered together and finally split my backhand sword at my own feet.
"Wow!" A stream of water-like flame suddenly burst into flames in the grass and rushed to Mad Dog Dragon.