Just by him to resolve.

"What do you think this is?"
"You haven’t seen barite, have you?"
"I want you to promise to join me in Xinghai Pavilion and tell me what’s going on inside now."
"This piece of spar is you."
Xinghai Pavilion fighters took out a piece of medium spar while coping with Ling Tian’s attack.
See the SPAR moment ling day stare big eyes.
I don’t know where the sword is crooked when I shake my hand.
Then the attack is weak.
See he seems to be tempted that Xinghai Pavilion fighters face smile.
Intermediate frequency spar can be a good thing.
There can be no fighters to see.
What’s more, the spar in a small place like Border Town is pitiful.
He is sure that Ling Tian, a little guy who has just broken through the realm of God, has never seen the spar.
He didn’t guess this?
Ling day attack gradually dissipated, he asked hesitantly
"You said … is true?"
"Do you want me to tell you that this spar is me?"
"Yes!" Xinghai Pavilion fighters nodded.
"You can’t lie to me! Otherwise … Otherwise … "
Ling Tian gritted his teeth and looked at each other. Otherwise, he couldn’t tell how to take each other for a long time.
Xinghai Pavilion fighters were directly amused by gentle way
"Don’t worry, I won’t lie to you."
"For our Xinghai Pavilion fighters, how much spar is needed?"
He said so, but he knows the actual situation.
A small role like him can’t get the spar if he doesn’t promise to raise his strength in that special way.
And there’s another piece!
There is a small cabinet owner position, and the crystal stone will be issued every month.
"If you don’t believe spar, I can give it to you first."
See ling day still didn’t nod xinghaige fighters directly threw the spar in the past.
Anyway, it’s impossible for the other party to escape from him at the beginning of the realm.
What can I do if I give it?
Don’t kill this little guy until he’s finished.
Spar is not him?
Ling Tian showed an excited expression as if he couldn’t believe it after he got the spar.
A long time he said with a grind.
"Since you are so sincere, I can’t help saying something" M.
"You come here and I’ll tell you …"
I don’t know whether Ling Tian behaved too well or Xinghai Pavilion fighters were too confident and didn’t doubt it at all.
He leaned forward with an expression of all ears.
Chapter 761 Trapping and killing
"We … no, it’s them now. They’ve actually been lying in wait for you."
"Ambush you people are very strong, and it is also the late stage of the gods!"
"And they also arranged the array."
"Once you step into the scope of law, they will attack the law …"
Lingtian will come with his mouth open.
The other party wants to kill him when he’s done. How could Ling Tian not want to kill the other party?
He came here to kill people.
Telling the truth or lying is the same.
While talking, he observed each other’s expressions.
Xinghai pavilion fighters smiling while listening to nod.
When Ling Tian finished, he patted Ling Tian’s shoulder and smiled brightly.
"You do well to … you can go to hell …"
Words didn’t say that finish sharp sword light a flash.