How many people in the world have to compromise because they are not trapped by secular public opinion?

But from the word compromise in Mu Wanqing’s eyes, she won’t compromise. She has always been afraid.
So Zhang Sanfeng also said to Yin Liting when they were four, "It is really rare for a pear pavilion to treat others’ bad words as cool breeze, and it is even more rare for you to be gentle and considerate. You must not live up to it!"
Zhang Sanfeng even said that he was really optimistic about the girl Mu Wanqing after two rare visits.
And Yin Liting is not without feeling that he once asked Mu Wanqing about this matter after they left Zhang Sanfeng together at that time.
Yin Liting took wood Wanqing hand and sighed, "Wan Mei, are you really not afraid? But I … "
But my heart is still uneasy, afraid that you have been wronged and that those rumors have hurt you.
Mu Wanqing was very calm. She held Yin Liting’s hand and said seriously, "Liulang, I have nothing to fear. The only fear in my eyes is that your heart is not with me. Besides, I have nothing to be afraid of. What do you care what others say?"
Chapter 31 Chapter 31
Yin Liting is going to marry Mu Wanqing. As soon as this news is released, it is difficult to talk about it. After all, Yin Liting, the front foot, broke off an engagement with Ji Xiaofu, the younger brother of Emei, and this hind foot married an unknown woman. I heard that she was still an orphan.
Some people have dark hearts, and they don’t know how many unspeakable stories they have come up with. Generally speaking, Yin Liting is not so quiet and natural.
Master Ji’s face was heavy when he received the invitation, but everyone else in Ji’s family was so angry that he couldn’t wait for Wudang to find Yin Liting at once.
After all, Ji Xiaofu was born well, looks good, and is good at martial arts. It can be said that everything is good, and the two families also decided to get married early in the morning. However, Yin Liting suddenly broke off her engagement and will soon marry another woman who is not as good as Ji Xiaofu. Which one can be happy about this?
"Dad, Wudang still has the nerve to send invitations. Is it true that our Ji family is empty?"
Master Ji has been in the Jianghu for a long time, and he has always been friendly with Zhang Sanfeng. At this moment, even if he is dissatisfied, he still calms down, instead of being as surprised as he is.
"Come on, don’t say two words about this Yin Liting. It’s not that I didn’t have long eyes to see me. Zhang Zhenren has been friends for many years. He didn’t bully my family by his disciples. I will definitely give me an answer when I go to Zhang Zhenren in Wudang this time."
"Dad said that Zhang Zhenren is also a very important person in the Wulin. No matter what, you can’t cover up your apprentice in public. This time, you must make Yin Liting look good."
Master Ji shook his head and never said anything. That’s not what he meant. Everything has to wait until he meets Zhang Sanfeng before making a decision.
Ji Xiaofu was sent to Emei when he was very young, and he rarely went back to Ji’s family to get together. Compared with Zhang Sanfeng, who has been in contact with him for many years, Master Ji did not favor Ji Xiaofu because she was a Ji’s family, but obviously Master Ji didn’t think so.
This is the case here in Jijia, not to mention Emei. Except for knowing the truth, Ding Minjun dismissed it. Everyone thought that Yin Liting was forced to leave Emei because he changed his mind and moved to Ji Xiaofu. The extinct teacher was even more furious. When there was no one in Emei, Wudang dared to send invitations.
A group of younger brothers said that they were indignant, but the extinct teacher was in the heat now, and none of them dared to talk. Ding Minjun was forced to be the early bird. "Master, will you go to Wudang this time?"
"Why don’t you go to Wudang to bully me, Emei people? I will go to Zhang Sanfeng for an explanation."
Because Guo Xiang Zhang Sanfeng, the founder of Emei Mountain, befriended Wudang in the past years, he was partial to extinction and didn’t take it to heart.
At first, Ding Minjun wanted to watch the drama. After all, Ji Xiaofu has left, and she doesn’t have to say those things again. She is a trustworthy person.
However, Ding Minjun didn’t expect Ji Xiaofu to leave immediately after Yin Liting left, leaving behind such specious words. Teacher Ji Xiaofu, a disciple, has always been valued. Now that people have run away, isn’t this anger directed at Wudang?
Ding Minjun didn’t say it at first, and then she didn’t want to say it in the past. Anyway, it’s her advantage that Ji Xiaofu left, and it’s really an extinct teacher. This person is very stubborn and often doesn’t listen to advice. But this time, Wudang sent an invitation, and the extinct teacher thought about wanting others to look good at Wudang’s site, which made Ding Minjun feel a drum.
If she doesn’t talk about it, Yin Liting will tell the truth in front of Wudang, which will definitely involve her. At that time, the exterminator will be angry with her and make her lose face. Otherwise, she will reveal some news earlier.
So thinking that because of the anger of the extinction teacher, all the younger brothers retired early. Ding Minjun stayed in front of the extinction teacher. Everyone knows that Ding Minjun likes to please the extinction teacher, but at this time, she dares to be a daredevil, and everyone is waiting to see her drama.
However, these Ding Minjun didn’t know that the extinct teacher saw that his brothers had left. Only Ding Minjun stayed in the heart and was not unhappy. Although the apprentice was not talented, he was very concerned about her.
Teacher Extinction has a gentle tone. "Min Jun, master, it’s okay. Go home first."
Ding Minjun suddenly knelt down to her heart, and there was already a dispute about giving him the route. It was also a knife to die early and super-live early. It was impossible for her to Ji Xiaofu and affect her position in the eyes of the extinction teacher.
"Master Minjun, I’m sorry. I have something to hide from you, but so have I. It’s good that Master and Emei can’t hide it anymore."
Ding Minjun suddenly knelt down and scared the exterminator, and then she apologized with tears in her eyes. Suddenly, the exterminator had a bad feeling in his heart, and his face sank again.
The extinction teacher’s tone is more than three points cold. "Oh, what are you hiding from me?"
Ding Minjun knows in her heart that if she really made any mistake, it would be good if her master didn’t give her a slap. It’s really a disaster for Ji Xiaofu. Let’s get this straight.
"Master Ji’s younger sister left Emei for a reason, not by accident.
On that day, Wudang Yin Liuxia suddenly came to see Sister Ji, who happened to be talking to her. It was my brother’s intention to find out that Sister Ji had an affair and gave birth to a daughter, but he kept it from me. He wanted to tell Master, but my sister begged and didn’t want to make Master sad, so he never said anything.
Chapter 313 Chapter 313
On the day when Yin Liting and Mu Wanqing got married, the whole Wudang was filled with an atmosphere of joy. Everywhere, everyone was smiling, and there were many congratulations to the guests.
Even Zhang Sanfeng, who rarely appeared in front of people in recent years, appeared. He wore a new robe and even his white beard was well-groomed. He attached great importance to this matter.
Because of this, guests from all walks of life are also more eager to get up and the ceremony is two points heavier.
The wedding ceremony was very lively, and some good people expected to see the drama.
Not only did Ji’s family send a generous gift, but even the teacher, who has always been above the top, said a few nice words this time, praising Yin Liting and Mu Wanqing for their good marriage.
In this way, it is enough to say that Yin Liting is not ungrateful and fickle. His marriage in Ji Xiaofu is also his own wish, and he is very dirty and noisy. Today is completely dissipated
Children in Jianghu are heroic, brave and informal, different from ordinary secular families.
Yes, after the church, I came to congratulate the people and finally met the true face of the girl who said that the wood was in the mountains.
I haven’t seen everyone still thinking that Yin Liting gave up Ji Xiaofu and married an orphan girl. It’s really a big loss and I don’t know what he is after. However, when they met someone, they changed their tune and everyone praised Yin Liting’s good eye for marrying such a beautiful lady.
Mu Wanqing’s graceful figure is beautiful and free from vulgarity. Black shows her indifference, while white suddenly becomes immortal. Today, when she got married in Yin Liting, she just wore a red wedding dress.
The wedding dress is like fire, which makes her beautiful and free from vulgarity look a little brighter.
If the former wood is as clear as the new moon, the flowers and trees are fresh and elegant, then today she is like a delicate and charming hibiscus, and even more like a blooming camellia.
If you can marry such a beautiful lady, you will wake up laughing in your dreams.
This time, it seems that everyone can understand the reason why Yin Liting broke off her marriage. After all, Ji Xiaofu looks incomparable.
It’s a fact, but it’s not what everyone thinks
Zhang Sanfeng immediately boasted a sentence after drinking tea from his apprentice and daughter-in-law, and love is like oxygen inadvertently revealed the reason why they could get together.
But it turned out that it was a hero who saved the beauty and made a personal commitment. It was a perfect match, and others envied it, and they couldn’t come to fate.
Many people are envious that Yin Liting can marry such a beautiful woman, and Ji Xiaofu Yin Liting’s former engagement has also been forgotten by everyone.
Wudang Dang really hasn’t been so lively for a long time, and it’s a lively scene for guests and elders and outstanding brothers from all walks of life.
Even if Mu Wanqing doesn’t like the excitement, she has done enough kung fu on such an occasion today, which is also a face for everyone.
After Mrs. Song came over and went back to her room with Mu Wanqing, Yin Liting, the groom, couldn’t run away. Many people pulled him to fill him with wine.
At this time, the benefits of brothers come, even if Zhang Cuishan is not there, there are five other disciples left!
Mogu Yin Liting had better drink the most for him, but called Yin Liting to find a chance to get away.
With Mrs. Song’s company, Mu Wanqing’s original nervousness was gone.