"Everyone knows that I don’t know if you care about me!" Xu Lili brought into tears way

Chapter two hundred and fourteen Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes
Xiu-lan zhao also surprise with unprepared "buy for me? This is what little girls should wear for your sister. "
Xu Taotao stuffed the leather shoes into her arms. "I just want to buy a size 37 shoe for mom. Mom, try it on."
Zhao Xiulan sets shoes in Xu Lili’s eyes.
"It’s so warm! What’s wrong with it? I feel my feet are hot and sweaty when I wear it. If I wear it in winter, it will be hot. Hehehe. "
She smiled with wrinkles and joy on her brow.
Xu Taotao said to her, "Even if you wear mom in winter, your feet will not be cold when you sit in the car."
Zhao Xiulan and her workers say it’s simple and simple, but they just need to sit all day. It’s usually fine, but in winter, the cold comes from the bottom of their feet
Yu Xiulan had an old cold leg, and the bones in her knees hurt when it rained.
This pair of women’s cotton shoes was bought in the mall. In fact, it is not as simple as it looks. This pair of shoes actually has the functions of automatic heating and sole health care, and it is interstellar high-tech without asking.
Xu Daguang’s liberation shoes are the same. It seems ordinary, but there is a mystery.
Its sole is not a simple rubber sole, but a special material, which is particularly elastic, difficult to deform, flexible, comfortable and light when walking.
Then came a gift from Big Brother and a pair of shoes, which are a kind of black pigskin’ one-pedal’ men’s shoes that are popular among young people recently.
It’s also called’ lazy shoes’ because you can wear shoes and walk neatly with one foot and one hand.
Although these shapes are different from those of Xu Daguang, the sole material is the same and it is particularly comfortable to wear.
Well, to put it bluntly, there is that kind of’ feeling of stepping on shit’
Brother Xu hugged his shoes and his face was full of giggles.
"Thank you, little sister!"
Seeing that my parents and eldest brother have their own shoes, Xu Erge and Xu Lili are more anxious to wait for their shoes.
That’s right, Ji. Everyone has already made a mistake. This time, Xu Taotao brought shoes as gifts.
Xu Taotao wants to say that you guessed right!
Brother Xu’s shoes are the same as brother Xu’s’ one pedal’. Xu Lili is a pair of T-buckle women’s leather shoes. Although the color is also black, compared with Zhao Xiulan’s leather shoes, her small shoes have bright T-buckles and double tips, which is quite fashionable.
Xu Lili excitedly held her leather shoes and carefully wiped a little dust.
"Little sister! I like this pair of leather shoes. It’s so beautiful. Yao Jinhua wears a round head for the second time. It’s nothing like my beautiful little sister. You are really good at picking! "
I am also satisfied with being praised for peaches.
Everyone likes her as a gift giver, and she is naturally the happiest.
Xiu-LAN Zhao happily rubbed the vamp and suddenly remembered that she seemed to take out thirty dollars from her pocket and give it to the little girl in front of several girls.
"Don’t blame me for being partial to Taotao. How expensive it is to buy me these pairs of shoes today. I will subsidize her at most, and no one will be allowed to be red-eyed."
Brother Xu takes care of his shoes without seeing them.
Brother Xu took a look at it and said with a toothache, "Brother Xu spent the next month to subsidize your little sister."
Brother Xu looked up. "Count me in!"
Xu Lili is the most stingy, right? She has been holding her shoes for a long time. "Why don’t you let me wash your clothes, little sister?"
She doesn’t have enough money for anything
I really can’t subsidize it
Xu Taotao’s shoes are all cheap from the mall, and they don’t care about family subsidies.
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Xu, deputy director
Xu Taotao asks a question and it’s hehe. Ask a question and it’s hehe.
Xu Taotao [Forget it, you will always tell me when I get promoted successfully]
It’s rare for Tong to play with Joe hanging her.
I won’t guess if I don’t guess when I see Xu Taotao. I’m not willing to encourage you to guess another one. I’ll definitely answer you! 】
Xu Taotao ignored it.
Immediately crazy into a system.
Xu Taotao went to the personnel department first, where the deputy director was waiting for her handover.
When the time comes, Xu Taotao, the deputy director, is training several officers in the personnel department behind his back.
"After that, I will be the head of your new personnel department. I can’t get into the sand in my eyes. If anyone asks me to bump into the work and don’t perfunctory it seriously, I will definitely impose heavy penalties on all of them. Do you hear me?"
Several officers of the personnel section have the strength to say "I heard"
Deputy factory director frown "didn’t eat breakfast-"
At this moment, a personnel officer happened to see Xu Taotao coming.