I love metal, and I can tell at a glance that it’s a dude. Few people pry their legs. It’s a cynical picture. I despise everything and glance at the mad dog dragon.

Mad Dog Dragon was very angry after being swept by him several times. Since he came to Ranger Warrior City, his heart has become more and more angry. If he fails in the auction today, he will return to the back of the exile and face the cold front with great light.
The np sound finally woke him up. "The storefront number is No.3, No.2 Street, West Commercial Street, Lanqiao District. Because this storefront is located at the street entrance of Crossroads, the lease period is at least three years, and the price cannot be less than three dragon coins at a time. At present, the price given by Jiuyuan Group is five dragon coins for seven years. Is there any other supplier to increase the conditions?"
Np’s eyes are on gladiolus and she is a competitor.
In fact, the price paid by the old group to the official is already very high, so high that gladiolus can hardly breathe, which can be said to be desperate.
She only has six dragon coins in her hand, which is far below the other party’s condition. She dare not shout out five years during the lease period.
"Does the business have any objection?" Np looked at gladiolus. "If there is no objection, I will announce that the new owner of this store has long been in love with Mr. Jin."
Gladiolus sighed slightly and silently got up and walked towards the auditorium door without saying anything.
This is abandoning the mad dog before the war, and the dragon followed her away.
"Wait!" Love gold decisively stopped them.
Mad dog dragon frowned. "What? Do you have any questions? "
Love gold up to no good with a bad smile before "two poor forced don’t rush to go before you are not so jump? Want to talk to my brother-in-law about conditions "
Mad dog dragon secretly pinched the knot and finally endured it.
Love Jin Da said with a smile, "Especially you idiot, you are bluffing me with the Oriental Dynasty. The store is always poor and forced to have no money, so don’t come to play with it. Hahaha idiot!"
Gladiolus looked at him coldly. "Look at you. Your sister just relies on selling meat to attach to her old uncle. Even if those prostitutes are better than your sister, at least it’s shameful that they bid a price and trade your sister fairly, and you just attach to your sister as a parasite. I really don’t understand why you are so crazy?"
Her character and upbringing would never say that she was so difficult to obey, but during this period, she was wronged and bullied. When she saw the other person, she finally broke out.
"Pa" a crush on gold suddenly slapped gladiolus in the face and roared hysterically. "You bitch always kills you with a mouthful of shit …"
His slap not only stunned gladiolus, but also stunned the mad dog dragon next to him. Damn it, you dare to start work in a place like this, which is even more overbearing than me.
Of course, as soon as he took the np horse, he stopped "the official place forbids pk to take the troublemakers out"
The auditorium magically appeared, and two np armored soldiers dragged Love Gold out like wild dogs, and Love Gold was still struggling around. "I * * dog bitch forced your mother to be ruined by my grass, and you waited for it …"
Mad dog dragon looked at gladiolus. "Is big sister all right?"
"I’m fine." Gladiolus wiped her face. "Brother, you were right yesterday. I shouldn’t have come today. I can’t swallow this tone."
She fell to the outside and her eyes suddenly became firm. "I’ll go with you to exile and go to your Eastern Dynasty."
Mad dog dragon suddenly grew a sigh of relief. "Elder sister, you can rest assured that your grievances will not be wronged in vain. I guarantee that this group of people will pay a heavy price. Some grievances are not reported. It is not time for me to believe that Brother Ai and Brother Leng also think so."
Gladiolus nodded. "Let’s leave Ranger City now!"
Mad dog dragon said, "OK, let’s go now!"
The two of them chose to walk from Ranger Warrior City to Longyan Town, then from Longyan Town to Qianlang Port, and then take a boat to enter the exile, and then return the flying magic wand to Teisburg City.
Mad dog dragon chose to inform the crime of love with the music box as soon as he entered the exile.
But less than ten kilometers out of the city, a blue mad dog crossed a field in a clear day, and the dragon and horse became alert. "Elder sister, you’d better follow me."
Although gladiolus has been in The Ninth Continental for many years, she is still a life player, and her sense of smell of fighting and killing is far less sensitive than that of mad dog dragon.
Sure enough, after going forward for about a few minutes, a large group of soldiers blocked the road ahead.
Take a closer look. I actually met knife elder brother’s gang in Qianlang Port on my way. Mad Dog Dragon quickly said, "Friends are you again. I tell you that you have the wrong person. You are looking for someone who disappeared from Longyan Town a few days ago."
Knife elder brother had a long sword in his hand this time and said with a big grin, "The second thing to look for is Xing Zi. It is indeed our fault, but this time we have not made a mistake. It is you we are looking for."
The mad dog Long Shen said, "I don’t seem to have offended you, my friends?"
Knife elder brother face a heavy "we have sinned against Jin Ge do you still want to run? Tell you that no one in this ranger city dares to grin with Brother Jin. "
Hearing this, Mad Dog Dragon was so angry that he couldn’t come from one place. "Did Love Gold send you here?"
Knife elder brother smiled. "It’s good for you to be white. Today, I’ll impress you, a foreign hillbilly. Let’s kill this little guy together!"
Mad dog dragon dare not neglect. If it is true, he is not afraid to hit him, but now gladiolus is behind him. He can’t run with speed advantage. He must escort gladiolus out of the mainland.
"Zheng" A mad dog dragon pulled out Tatsu Yamashiro, who was swinging the black hall. He was determined to go shopping this time.
"Come on, I’ll see who kills who today!" to be continued
Chapter two hundred and ten Seconds Undead
More than a dozen assault soldiers are very powerful, and many times small-scale team battles are about imposing manner. A group of people shout and kill their opponents, and they often get soft before they kick.
It’s also a lie that you say that the mad dog dragon is not empty, but these days, all kinds of grievances have piled up in my heart, and my buddy is throwing caution to the wind today.
After a short rush, there were three warriors’ swords coming from the left, and the mad dog dragon wrist night shadow turned to the left and blocked the three swords. At the same time, the right hand Tatsu Yamashiro split out with one hand.
A soldier was chopped by this knife and his face was covered with blood, and he screamed and fell.
However, Mad Dog Dragon also took a sword in his chest, and his health value actually fell to 21 points. Otherwise, the fighters in mainland China are fighters. The soldiers in this area have a certain background and can easily hit about 5 critical strike damage.
"Sister, back off!" Mad dog dragon didn’t care so much after telling him. He strode forward and four swords came from the left and right sides.
"Hey, hey!"
Sharp weapon cuts flesh and blood sounds scary. Someone in the enemy camp screamed and fell. The man was directly scored by Tatsu Yamashiro. Of course, it was so tragic. The bayonet saw the red mad dog’s shoulder, chest, arms and legs, and the four health points were decisively dropped by almost half.
It turns out that this group of soldiers is really not weak.
So when the enemy came screaming for the third time, the mad dog dragon decisively retreated in the retreat and flashed!
He didn’t cut into the other team’s back row, but flashed behind Gladiolus and threw a black mass into the air.
"Bang" a rumbling a group of rough masters immediately covered their eyes, even knife elder brother was no exception to be secretly complained.
"Brothers, Jin Ge told me to kill that woman, and he was rewarded!" Knife elder brother in the white screen a burst of howling.
Mad dog dragon is most afraid of this now!
"I am your sister!" Seeing that this group of soldiers came through again, Mad Dog Dragon was finally in a hurry and simply lit three chrysanthemum thunder and smashed it at his own feet.
Three bright lights started up in the field, and seven bodies were blown up to the sky, accompanied by dancing, which lifted mud and weeds.
He is now 37 points in science and technology strength with Chrysanthemum Thunder, that is, 357 points and three explosions directly caused thousands of points of science and technology attacks, which will hurt you in tons. No matter how strong the king is, he can’t hold it, but the key is Chrysanthemum Thunder special effect, which shocked mad dog dragon and gladiolus back together and temporarily left the dangerous area.
The grass smelled of sulfur. knife elder brother couldn’t help coughing desperately in the smoke. The smell was really choking.
When the smoke cleared, he was shocked to find that the other party got up much faster than himself, and he went to a grass and fell with a knife. He couldn’t see his companion’s real body, but he could hear his companion screaming before he died. It was definitely called by seconds.
The blade surface of the samurai has been stained with blood, and the tip of the knife is dripping blood. knife elder brother looked around at his more than a dozen brothers lying on the ground. He couldn’t believe that an assassin killed so many people by himself.
This assassin is not only extremely hard, but also a long knife and a wrist blade. The most terrible thing is that he can make a super fireball break like this?
Knife elder brother is a little crazy. He wasn’t in the middle of the explosion just now, but now he is seriously injured.