Thinking that he has played the polar chaos matching interface to find the game.

In a short time, I entered the game. As Xia Lingyao said, you can’t choose heroes in this mode.
I don’t know if the fist company heard his call, but he randomly picked the brilliant girl Lax in the first game.
You know, in this mode, the long-handed hero has a natural advantage and often consumes the opposite blood by rogue harassment.
Xia Lingyao took out his mobile phone and called the League of Legends box next to him, searched for the game ID of Lu Zhan, and then shook his mobile phone to fight against both sides, and the combat effectiveness was magically revealed.
Because the professional competition does not allow the third-party software to be located in the ordinary player group, professional players such as Guangliu Box Bigfoot will not go.
However, this does not prevent people’s mobile phones Xia Lingyao from installing such an app software that can accurately find players’ combat effectiveness.
"Wow, your crocodile fighting capacity here is more than a thousand bricks and stones. It seems that you have won this game!" Xia Lingyao seems to like watching others play games very much, and he said excitedly
Combat power is a numerical standard that League of Legends peripheral software League of Legends box is responsible for statistics to show the player’s level. It involves three parts: basic score, winning percentage and winning score, which can objectively reflect the player’s current level.
Crocodile is another name for Lei Kedun, the desert butcher. This hero can be regarded as a bully if he can jump into the list, but he has such a name in China because he looks like a crocodile.
"Matching will not see combat effectiveness? How did I meet a brick and stone as a bronze player? " Lu Zhan is puzzled.
"This is to let you disorderly fight benefits! Although you are now in a bronze position, it is easy to match the gold and platinum to the masonry master. These people may understand the hero far beyond your knowledge and skills, which can also help you understand the hero. "
Just then, the game has changed. This map is different from the Summoner’s Canyon. The whole map is covered with ice and snow. It is said that there is a game in the background.
Lu Zhan Lux was born in Fang. This time, the voice was an old man’s voice, "The price treasure is now exchanged for gold coins!"
Chapter 14 Fierce polar chaos
If someone asks you, I can’t hide my hands from the other side. How can I break my skills?
Then you can kindly tell him that the child is going to have a big fight!
However, this is not a balanced battle. Often, the winner is the hero team who is kind and can randomly go to a long distance.
But when you are looking for personal skills promotion rather than simple victory, the situation becomes different.
At this time, fighting becomes your best training ground.
Even if you encounter a hero who consumes a lot, there are only three skills to consume you, but the polar chaos is different. If the opposite side is lucky enough, it is likely that their skills will fly to your face like snowflakes.
Now Lu Zhan is experiencing such a test.
Although he randomly picked Lux, the best hero in his mind, he was not familiar with the opposite skills.
"Second, in the game entry interface, you should find the opposite hero introduction in our department’s materials as soon as possible, and make their strong period, main injury skills and D all white!" Xia lingyao aside and said
Indeed, like his first Ritz game, if you don’t even understand the heroic skills across the street, you will suffer a lot.
Lu Zhan is a clever Xia Lingyao, so he understood the significance of arranging this special training project.
Most of the players are relatively strong heroes at present, so even if they encounter common heroes randomly, the probability is still high.
Watch it every time before entering the game. These heroes say that it is equivalent to reviewing it often.
The more heroes he meets, the more familiar he will be with their advantages and disadvantages.
In this game, their side array is Lei Kedun, the desert butcher, Giggs, the blasting genius, Evelyn, the widow maker, Suo Laka and Lux.
Their formation is still good, with both Lax and blasting ghosts and desert butchers. This kind of meat, together with the hero who is affectionately called wet nurse Suo Laka, can give his teammates a lot of reply, so it should not be a loss to fight.
However, yard by yard is much more ferocious than them. Twisted Fate Twist, Wei Lusi, Nidalee the Bestial Huntress Nedley, Vega, the evil wizard, and Persson, the king of war.
These heroes all consume skills, and the overall consumption is much higher than that of Lu Zhan.
What’s even more shameful is that the opposite card also brings a clear skill. This summoner’s skill can reply to all his own heroes with a blue amount of 40%, and the opposite hero continues to consume the guarantee.
The initial level of this map hero is level 3. Lu Zhan has already studied the skills of Lux. As soon as he entered the game interface, he added three skill points to the three skills of QWE respectively.
In Xia Lingyao’s materials for heroes, the first piece of equipment for Lax is the holy grail of Athena’s evil. This equipment not only enhances the blue return, but also reduces the skill D and can defend a little magic, which is a necessary equipment for many consumption ap heroes.
Lu Zhan looked at the gold coins in the bag. At the beginning of this mode, the gold coins were 1375 instead of the ordinary mode 475.
He bought a harmonious holy grail, which is necessary to synthesize the Great Grail, and can give himself back blue and magic resistance.
He thought about it and left money to buy an increase in classics, which increased his spell strength and walked out of the crystal in a mighty way.
"Don’t buy a blood bottle?" Xia lingyao beside said
"Oh, I forgot!" Lu Zhan also controlled Lux to return to the crystal, but when he ordered the store, he found that he couldn’t buy anything anyway.
"Ha ha rookie chaos out of the crystal can’t buy things! This is also part of the special training, so that every time you go out, you have to think carefully about changing your equipment when you go out, "Xia Lingyao said with a smile."
Lu Zhan nodded thoughtfully. It seems that this model of polar chaos in Kang Jie’s plan is really suitable for a novice like himself to try!
When he turned back and walked to a tower again, the four heroes on Lu Zhan’s side were already in the grass on the side.
There are two grasses on the side, but all four people are wandering in the grass on their side and don’t go forward.
Lu Zhan wondered that there was someone across the street, so he threw an E-skill transparent singularity into the grass across the street, which can play the grass field of vision.
""An aperture in the past, one person Lu Zhan got up the courage and went directly to the grass.