Corner is easy tunnel "Hidan this guy is so cumbersome every time, no wonder he is never too troublesome, but look at him and he is about to earn me thirty million copies."

"Ha ha … feel it …" With a burst of abusive laughter in that strange figure, Hidan suddenly became dark, and then Hidan drew a long thorn from her arms and stabbed her thigh.
"Oh … it hurts so well …" Hidan groaned after self-mutilation.
At the same time, Lu Lu felt a terrible pain in his leg, and he became unstable. Then he saw that there was a blood hole in his thigh inexplicably, and blood gurgled all over the floor.
Hidan continue to abuse laughed "hum … how comfortable, then come again …" Said Hidan and stabbed himself another thigh.
When Lu Lu’s legs were injured, he fell to his knees.
"You this guy exactly is …"
"Ha ha ….. so it’s over? Hey, hey, the old man hasn’t had enough …" Hidan said, "Well, I’m tired of waiting for the angle, and it’s time to end it …" Said Hidan and stabbed him against his heart.
"What … what’s going on …" At this critical juncture, Hidan suddenly found that his body could not move.
"Shadow imitation is successful!" Deer Maruko came from behind Jiaodu and Hidan.
"eh? Konoha reinforcements? " Jiaodu avenue
Hidan said, "Hey, hey, I can’t move."
"Didn’t you say you want to solve it yourself? I won’t do such a trouble! And I was caught by this guy’s shadow. "Jiaodu Road.
Hidan sneered, "You know the finance minister is so lame that you don’t even have the most basic consciousness."
"What are you talking about? I’ll kill you." Jiaodu suddenly emerged from the ground with a strange black hand and attacked Lumaru.
Deer pill pulled out for a flash, and Hidan also pulled out for a flash, and Hidan was pulled out of the pattern necessary for the curse ceremony.
"Hum, uncle’s attack is not that simple." Jiaodu Road then saw that the hand flashed by Luwan suddenly came alive and followed it to Luwan.
At this moment, I saw the green shadow flashing and coming with a big drink. "Konoha is just a whirlwind!" Hearing "Peng", the hand was kicked out and it was Xiao Li.
"As you expected, the enemy really has a plan, so it’s time for us to implement the second plan."
At Xiao Li’s voice, Kamizuki Izumo, Yamashiro Aoba, Tiantian and Tie cooperated with Ninjutsu, Ninjutsu and Body Art to attack Jiaodu and Hidan in all directions first calculated by Luwan.
It turns out that Konoha and his party arrived shortly after the arrival of Jiaodu and Hidan. They have never shown their shape. Their purpose is to observe their abilities and calculate the perfect response. It is not clear about their abilities because of their lack of efforts. However, through Hidan’s tricks, Luwan has roughly planned three plans, even if they don’t know Jiaodu’s ability, they can cope perfectly.
In Kamizuki Izumo, Yamashiro Aoba, Tiantian and Tie, four people jointly attacked Jiaodu and Hidan, who were bound by the shadow, and were attacked by four people. The iron black knife pierced the heart of Jiaodu.
"Did you kill it?" Lumaru avenue
After a burst of smoke and dust, the middle corner and Hidan got up again in everyone’s surprised eyes
Every day, "Who are these guys …?"
Kamizuki Izumo "in that degree of art should not die …"
Iron "that guy was stabbed in the heart by me, but what …"
Hidan shook the dust and then said, "We were all set up by these guys. It’s a shame. I’m going to get serious."
Jiao Du didn’t answer Hidan’s words, but stretched out his hand to pull out the damaged heart. Then Jiao Du drank a robe and was scattered by chakra. He saw four black shadows flying out of the four masks on Jiao Du’s back. One of them just came out and turned into a pool of black blood. It was the heart that was just damaged.
"Black Knife … you belong to that family … I didn’t expect you to stab me in the heart, so you will be the substitute, and you will prevent me from making money to punish you all for dying today." Jiaodu said.
Chapter 33 Are modest but not surprised
As soon as Jiaodu’s voice fell, he saw his hands flying out of his body, and the red mask monster opened his mouth, "Fire dun, hard work!" Then the blue mask monster followed Zhang’s mouth, "The wind is escaping and crushing!" The wind helped the fire, and at that time, the fire rose and hit the six people in front of the land.
At this urgent moment, a firm voice came to "protect the sun and return to the sky!" It was Hyūga Neji Akai who also appeared at the same time. According to the third step plan, they shouldn’t appear at this time, but it’s not up to them to make a choice in this critical situation. Besides, no one in the audience can stop Jiaodu’s compound ninja except Ning Ji.
Seeing that his art was easily blocked, he was a little surprised. Then he observed that blocking his art was the only way to calm his surprise. Then he said, "Wow, so that’s it. Is Konoha’s noble family here? Is that eye … Yes … it’s sharingan’s eponymous supercilious look. It seems that my luck is really unbearable to get so many excellent hearts today."
Ningji stares at Jiaodu’s body and says, "Now you are in my divination field. Do you still have time to say these things?" Said Ningji, posing as a palm without leaving any room for reaction to Jiaodu, and suddenly attacked.
"Two palms, four palms, palms, sixteen palms, thirty-two palms, sixty-four palms, one hundred and twenty palms!"
Hearing "Bang", my body flew out like a broken kite.
At the same time, Akai also fought in Hidan. Compared with Akai, he was slightly better than Hidan, but Akai had to be scratched by Hidan at all times. At that time, the two of them were inextricably linked.
After the horns were hit by Ning Ji, the whole body chakra was sealed. It can be said that a heart was abolished. The three masks of red, blue and blue were strange to maintain the normal operation of the body and had to return to the body quickly
After the three masks returned to the body, they heard the horns wail. They merged the three mask monsters with the body to form a semi-human, non-ghost monster form.
"This … this guy exactly … what monster …" At this time, even Ning Ji was surprised. Just now, he had an insight into his opponent chakra being blocked, but at the moment, his opponent chakra became three times as much as just now.
Lu Maru said, "Ning Ji should have five hearts according to this guy’s tricks, which means we have to kill him five times." Lu Maru added, "At present, we have a great advantage in the number of people. It should not be difficult to kill this guy if we cooperate properly."
However, at this moment, everyone heard a big drink, "The meaning of the body is towards the peacock!"
"Bang" was a loud noise, and Hidan’s body was blown out by six doors of Akai. Akai’s blow was fierce, but he couldn’t kill himself. Hidan saw that Hidan slowly got up from the dust and violently vomited two blood and then drew the curse pattern with his feet.
Then Hidan said with a wry smile, "Ha ha, I didn’t expect to meet so many tough opponents today, especially you, the green husk and precious beast. It was really painful just now, but that’s it. Because you will become an Baal’s adult sacrifice. Hahahaha …" It turned out that Hidan was lucky enough to scratch a small mouth in Akai in the six-door gap just now.
"Not good!" Seeing this situation, Lumaru couldn’t help shouting that it was not good to stretch out his shadow quickly. Xiao Li and Ning Ji immediately pulled away and rushed to stop Hidan’s curse.
Jiao Du took advantage of this moment to put his hands together and drink a "thunder and false darkness!" At the same time, I saw a thunder wall attacking the people.
"Bang!" Ning’s hexagram palm Xiao Li’s konoha whirlwind hit Hidan at the same time, and Hidan flew out of the instrument, and the corner of Leidun Pseudo-Dark was blocked by a golden barrier at the same time.
"Seven nights, my Lord!"
It was seven nights that the bearer listened to seven nights. "As soon as I received the information from you, I immediately rushed over. It seems that it was still just the climax." I had a meal for seven nights and added, "Deer Pill, you have to deal with the undead guy and leave it to me."
"Yes!" Lu Maru said, "Teacher Seven Nights, you should be careful. This guy’s ability is very abnormal …"
Lumaru didn’t finish seven nights before he interrupted, "Don’t worry about the ability of this guy in front of Lumaru. I know very well that we once met in Wenguo. I want to wake up that you are the undead guy over there. If you don’t let him get your blood sample, there will be no threat. I believe that you can kill that guy with your mind."
The arrival of the seven nights was unexpected, and at the same time, the appearance of the seven nights also made him have the idea of running away. Because the seven nights once caused him to lose four difficult people in the heart, the fact was that the corner did not know that he lost four hearts in the moment, not seven nights, but seven nights in the hands of the real thunder Excalibur.
"Wave wind seven nights and you this guy …"
Seven nights back to "Ah, it’s me. Why don’t you want my heart? I have a rare heart."
"You this guy ….." Said the Angle of black line grew up from seven nights several dead Angle.
After seven nights, I jumped back and quickly printed "I will give you a trick to compound Ninjutsu fire escape, fire escape and wind escape, God Lan!"
In an instant, I saw a huge ring of fire facing the corner, and the middle-distance shape changed into a long-distance shape, and suddenly jumped up to avoid the seven-night attack and covered it from it.
Seven-night fast printing "Mystery Seven-night Golden Flash!"
The golden light jumped at the corner, but the seven nights suddenly appeared behind him. Then he saw the seven nights’ hands condense into a rapidly rotating chakra shadow windmill, which is the seven nights’ trick, "the seven nights’ spiral pill shuriken"
Words Angle all see seven nights suddenly disappeared in the line of sight, suddenly feel bad, a second behind him there was a seven nights that huge roar Angle has yet to react was seven nights spiral pill shuriken hit red-handed.
The Seven Nights trick is different from Sasuke Leidun Spiral Pill shuriken and Naruto Fengdun Spiral Pill shuriken, but it is a combination of his own five attributes, chakra magic and chakra, and becomes a super spiral pill shuriken. That is to say, the Seven Nights trick not only has the wind attribute high-speed cutting attack, the thunder attribute paralysis attack, but also the fire attribute burning attack, the water attribute freezing attack and the soil attribute gravity attack. Finally, there is a super-strong increase in the magic chakra, which is even the trembling trick of Kyubi no Youko.
After seven nights of this trick, the horn instantly turned into dust in the air
At the same time, the battle between the Lumaru people and Hidan also entered the tail stage. After all, the two fists are hard to defeat with four hands, and the Lumaru people are all elite ninjas of Konoha. Finally, Hidan was blown to pieces in the trap of the detonator designed by Lumaru, and Hidan’s unwilling head was personally sealed for seven nights. The fire temple storm finally subsided before he died.