In fact, these thousands of people are not a huge threat to Changlin Town, but these bandits are surrounded outside the city, and all the business roads in Changlin Town are cut off, and then they have to eat their own surplus grain like last time. After all, it is not the way to measure the days by the rest, so Wuxian Ling is so anxious.

"Since the county respected adults don’t know anything about the military, don’t talk indiscriminately. It’s actually such a simple matter that cavalry is dispatched. Do you know how much time and money it takes to train a rider? If the loss is too large, will you take the blame or me?"
"So the prince refused to send troops anyway?" Wu county magistrate asked bite a tooth.
"The morale is weak, Marie!" The nangongshan Jin Yu’s face speaks for itself.
"In that case, goodbye!" Wu county magistrate angrily left the hall.
Looking at the distant figure of Wu county magistrate, Nangong Jinyu was extremely proud. Just as Mr. Zhan told himself, this is called blunt knife cutting meat. How many times can Changlin Town resist repeated attacks by bandits?
Wu county magistrate and Mr. Zhan thought the same thing. After the failure of borrowing soldiers from Nanyue King, he went directly to Mu Qingfeng. The present situation must be dealt with immediately.
MuQingFeng know later is very not refuse, hurriedly worry Zhang Peng and others, arrange the attack. Zhao Haishou was seriously injured, so his men were directly assigned to Zhang Peng’s team.
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the military situation. The safety of Changlin Town depends on ourselves. Please come to Muqingfeng." Mu Qingfeng told everyone about the situation and made specific arrangements.
Although everyone is wondering why a large number of Nanyue King’s troops didn’t attack, it’s better to obey first.
"Respect the orders of General Shao, and I will defend Changlin Town to the death!" Don’t look at Zhang Peng careless at ordinary times, but these brutal battles are still a bit of a soldier’s bearing.
Like MuQingFeng thought, the main guarantee for the bandits to fight is to rely on more of their own. Now, the troops are twice that of the defenders in Changlin Town, and they are leaderless. Therefore, after a desperate charge brought some damage to the defenders in Changlin Town, they were beaten by the soldiers who were killed.
It’s no use crying over spilt milk. The bandits had to flee in flight and run faster than when they attacked. This time, Zhang Pengjin remembered Muqingfeng’s entrustment and didn’t pursue it too tightly. He just made sure that after they withdrew, they closed up and went back to camp.
Mu Qingfeng, who was watching on the wall, was confused. Are these bandits here to train for themselves? The company commander Lin did not touch the wall of the town, so forget it?
Originally, the soldiers who fled from the battlefield were ready to be beheaded. Unexpectedly, Zheng Ou said with a smile, "Brothers have worked hard, go down and have a good rest, so you don’t need to attack for the time being."
The bandits who escaped from the ascension were grateful, and Zheng Ou put away his smile and arranged the next harassment quickly, thus saving himself from destroying his own affairs.
Zhang Peng’s thigh was accidentally cut by a gangster who struggled before he died. After a dressing, he came to Muqingfeng to like it. To be fair, Zhang Peng’s retreat this time is really commendable.
Off the Zhang Peng after these generals, MuQingFeng a person sitting on the steps in meditation, bandits gourd really sell what medicine?
A faint fragrance came. Needless to ask, it must be the Chess Fairy. If it were Third Girl, she would show her identity by yelling. * * The kite knows that Mu Qingfeng is busy recently, so he doesn’t bother him. He just circles around Dr. Xiao all day trying to get the antidote to his ecstacy, jabbering around Dr. Xiao like a sparrow all day, annoying Dr. Xiao with his head as big as a bucket.
"Why are you still thinking about today’s war? Isn’t it going well? I think Zhang Peng has beaten back the enemy. Why are you still moping? " ZhuoNongYue quietly sitting beside MuQingFeng, side of the head looking at become speechless Mr Right.
There is an indescribable feeling for Zhuo Nongyue Muqingfeng. Although he has not reached the unforgettable feeling for Xuelian, he is also a pivotal figure. As for Master Li Daoling’s instructions, if you don’t want to give others an explanation, you will be far away before it is too late, and you will have forgotten it long ago.
Zhuo Nongyue found Mu Qingfeng lost in thought, so he stopped talking and just sat quietly with him. Sometimes, this kind of silence is the most precious.
The next day, Zheng Ou continued to send a few small troops to harass under the signal of Mr. Zhan. Wu county magistrate directly died of Nangong Jinyu, and there were not many people, so he went directly to Muqingfeng.
On the third day, just like yesterday, Zhang Peng took the team for only one wick of incense and defeated the enemy. This time, he couldn’t help it. He wanted to kill more heads for the military, and finally he put out the idea at the prompt of other captains around him.
On the fourth day, it remained the same. MuQingFeng is more and more confused, but subconsciously tell yourself, bandits must have other plans.
On the fifth day, when the scouts sent the information, Wu County Commander didn’t bother to read it. He just casually said, "Send the information directly to Mu Qingfeng and let him see it."
"The magistrate’s adult, I’m afraid I can’t do it this time. The enemy is rushing to attack, and I’m afraid the young generals can’t keep it!"
The news of the scouts directly made Wuxian order the cup in his hand to be smashed. His trembling voice said, "How many people did you say?"? !”
"Chaos bandits charged to attack! At least 20,000 to 30,000! "
This time, the magistrate of Wu County panicked. You know that Changlin Town has thousands of guards, and it is impossible to keep them anyway. It seems that you have to bow your head today, and you have to win no matter what conditions Nangong Jinyu puts forward.
Looking at the dark army outside the city and some simple siege equipment inside the army, Mu Qingfeng couldn’t wait to slap himself.
After the last defeat, I became much more cautious, in other words, I was much more timid. The bandits died these days not to exercise themselves, but to prepare for the siege. This plan to build a path to hide the truth made Mu Qingfeng fall in a big fall. It was impossible for the bandits to launch a decent siege, so it’s hard to say.
If you are a little bolder, let Zhang Peng and his team attack a few times, maybe you can find the enemy’s attempt, but it’s too late to say anything now.
There shouldn’t be people who are proficient in the art of war in the reasonable bandits. They besieged the city and actually adopted the method of missing one for three, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Mu Qingfeng knew that Mr. Zhan was planning behind them.
"Your Highness, Prince, there were many offenses in the county a few days ago. Please save Changlin Town for the sake of losing your lips and teeth." Wuxian made a plea without considering his own identity.
I was ready to be rejected, but I didn’t expect Nangong Jinyu to agree.
"I have been under the authority of rest about, can be deployed, I heard that the bandits charged this time, then we will give them an unforgettable lesson. Changlin Town has four gates, and I will keep three of Nanyue King’s troops. Wuxian makes you gather your troops in Changlin Town, choose a gate to keep, and the province will not achieve great things. I know that people in Changlin Town have great opinions about me staying put these days.
I didn’t expect the Nangong Jinyu to agree to it, which made the magistrate of Wu county so happy that he didn’t pay any attention to the malicious intention in the Nangong Jinyu’s eyes.
"Thank you, Prince, for your help. I am grateful to Changlin Town!"
It’s not that the Nangong Jinyu turned to sex. It’s just that they had an agreement with the leader of the bandits. When Zheng Ou saw the army of Nanyue King, it was much cry and little rain, and he specifically attacked the place where the garrison in Changlin Town was located. Of course, Wu County magistrate didn’t know this secret skill, so he thought that the Nangong Jinyu was really kind and helped him defend the city.
As a result of the lottery, Changlin guarded the north gate, and the other Nanyue kings’ troops guarded the other three gates. The * * kite, which was originally good, had to follow his newly recognized brother. However, considering that the * * kite now is really not suitable for publicity, Muqingfeng let her continue to rest in the inn, but these days, the * * kite gives the impression that she is a child who didn’t grow up, and the heartless star saint looks more and more pale compared with the original.
Muqingfeng also privately asked Xiao Langzhong what was going on. Xiao Langzhong said that he might exert too much force when deepening the ban, which not only made * * forget about his childhood, but also forgot a lot about her joining Charm Pavilion. Some of them went back to nature, which was regarded as every cloud has a silver lining.
Mu Qingfeng took Mu Chongshan and Xiao Langzhong to the wall of the North Gate. As for his master. He was asked to go to see the * * kite, whose martial arts have lost. You know, now the Moon Saint is in Changlin Town. If she takes the opportunity to kill the heir of her future cabinet master, it is not surprising at all.
Li Daoling, after all, is a monk. Although he prefers to be happy, he will feel a lot of emotion every time he goes to the battlefield. Older people tend to be sentimental. He is not worried about Mu Qingfeng at the front line. First of all, he is surrounded by Mu Chongshan, who has excellent martial arts. Secondly, although this disciple of his own has no martial arts, he is a thousand in this aspect of fighting.
Seeing that the bandits were ready at the gate, Mu Qingfeng knew that they were about to launch a siege. Now the biggest problem in Changlin Town is understaffed. Otherwise, according to Muqingfeng’s temper, he should go out of the city to fight first. As for asking the Nangong Jinyu to borrow soldiers, he never thought about it. On the other hand, even if the Nangong Jinyu dares to borrow it, Muqingfeng may not dare to use it.
Fortunately, I have the city wall as the support, which can occupy the geographical position and make up for the shortage of personnel slightly. Soon, with Zheng Ou’s command, bandits flooded into the walls of Changlin Town.
There are few archers in the team, only a few hundred people, and there are not many arrows. Mu Qingfeng asked them to volley several rounds and put some pressure on the bandits, so they were put on standby. Good steel should be used on the blade, and it is not the time to shoot freely.
"Zhang Peng, a rolling stone retting wood hit for me! Is the golden juice boiled? " Mu Qingfeng found that an engineering ladder had boarded Chengtou and began to command close combat.
Because time is short, the bandits don’t have time to make large siege equipment, but Changlin Town is only a small town after all, and the walls are not very high. Many bandits can directly be topped by teammates with long wooden sticks.
Those simple siege ladders were pushed down by soldiers in Changlin Town who had already prepared. Often, when a ladder was pushed, a dozen bandits would lose their fighting capacity, but the biggest advantage of bandits was that there were many people. Although many people did not push it down, some people succeeded in climbing the wall.
Don’t MuQingFeng motioned, ready to fight Zhang Peng directly pulled out his weapon and rushed over with his team. Zhang Peng can mix into the position of captain naturally by real skill. Although his martial arts are very humble in the eyes of masters like Mu Chongshan and Li Daoling, he is more than enough to deal with bandits.
A knife stabbed a gangster in the chest, and warm blood sprayed Zhang Peng’s face. He pulled out a long knife with his backhand, kicked the dead gangster off the wall with one foot, and shouted angrily at the gangsters: "Come on, give some more heads to grandfathers, and I will use your heads as chamber pot tonight."