Mommy has a bitter look on her face. "Since I came to this world, I have always felt that I fought and struggled hard, which is actually my sister. I have always made excuses for myself … until then, I saw her tears, and I felt regret. If I have a chance to come back, I would rather give up my position than make my sister sad. Unfortunately, this opportunity is gone, and I can no longer compensate her, but you are different. If you love her, you should protect her." So Ahong takes care of Irene for me … Tell her I love her! "

Ah Hong froze. He didn’t expect Mommy to say such a thing at this time. It can be seen that this time she really wants her sister to live.
But at the same time, macro also noticed the light emitted by Hugh bit.
(Does that trick come out only when the enemy is desperate? )
The third volume I have sold my soul to ghosts and gods, destroy the core, destroy the shield and break the fire!
The third volume I have sold my soul to ghosts and gods] I have destroyed the nuclear shield and broken the fire!
Burn out the nuclear, destroy the shield and break the fire!
"ah hong!"
Zhaojie’s eyes are splitting, and he’s clinging to the one-star dragon, turning his head and shouting.
It’s me … if I can be stronger, if I can be stronger …
He growled and tears spread in big cherry-red eyes like roses.
It wasn’t Zhao Jiefa who killed the one-star dragon. Before he killed the one-star dragon, he had already taken away the life of the one-star dragon with a blow, but this monster was able to fight with his soul and fight with his body. If the soul is immortal, the body can fight at will.
Its immortality gave Zhao Jie a kind of soul fright, and the method of killing the soul was not good enough. zhaojie was not good at observing the one-star dragon while fighting, and asked his partner about it, but with one exception, Ahong and Qing Yuedu explained clearly that the method of killing the soul could rely on his own thinking.
"Clear month to help you have a crush on a man. Remember that it is not enough to love a person just for him to struggle ~ but also to tell him … Of course, if a beautiful girl like you is brave enough to push back, maybe the boss will also …"
Ah Hong didn’t finish his words, but he wanted to express his meaning, but he handed it to all his partners through the mother button.
"Hong … I didn’t expect you to beat me?" War ghost and others also have tears in his eyes, but it also strengthened his confidence!
"Kill the soul …"
Qing Yue wiped away her tears and showed a firm look.
A large part of the reason why the one-star dragon was killed was that the one-star dragon ball came from his chest. This dragon ball represents all the powers of the other six dragon balls … If one of them has a connection, this connection cannot be easily cut off. If the other six dragon balls are not destroyed, the one-star dragon power will disappear!
But it’s urgent to fix the bit. It’s not only a one-star dragon, but also all the strong people on the world tree planet and finally Zeus. Once Zeus absorbs the power of the world tree to saturation, even all the strong people will definitely kill it, because at that time Zeus will be equivalent to another Gaia!
Can see clear month body flashing has passed through hundreds of shining golden protoss encirclement came to the front of Zhao Jie.
At the moment, her body is wrapped in black smoke and navy blue flame at the same time, and it is still burning, which is not the state before fighting with Oceanus Shenron.
At this time, the clear moon is more like a witch who doesn’t touch the dust. The smoke and flame are lingering together, sending out shocking and powerful forces. Even before she gets close to zhaojie, she has already made the latter feel a double feeling of cold and hot in the depths of her soul.
Qing Yue smiled and looked at zhaojie. At this moment, her face was more shy than before, but a little more charming. Two red clouds appeared on her cheeks and said softly, "Hugh Bit … Can I call you that?"
"Qing month what do you want to do! ?” Zhaojie heart faint have a premonition of don’t want to.
"Don’t you really have no feelings for me? Can’t I even call you by your first name? " Qingyue’s little head hangs slightly
"no! Of course not! You are not my partner, my comrade-in-arms, or … or my lover. Please don’t do anything stupid! ?” Zhaojie hurriedly shouted.
"Ha ha!" Qing Yuexin laughed. Since she joined the beautiful girl team and zhaojie, she rarely showed such a smile. "That’s right … We were lovers who were baptized by the lover’s spring. Although you never had feelings for me, you are already my man in my heart. Now let me make a path to the end."
With that, her gentle hands held high coils of golden halo and spread around for hundreds of miles, as if she lit a candle of hope in the universe, and then her body dragged a virtual shadow to a one-week dragon.
"Is there another one to die?" One-week-old dragon with a disdainful smile stretched out a finger pointing to the clear moon.
"Dark storm!"
Thick dark black cyclones formed a huge whirlpool of heaven and earth, which rushed to the clear moon. This whirlpool contained annihilation energy, and even meteorites as huge as a building were wiped by a whirlwind, which would instantly turn into dust!
"Super banned! It is forbidden to have a thousand two hundred and eleven-style serpents and young girls! "
The clear moon drinks low, and the body has been bent down to forcibly drill into the center of the violent dark annihilation vortex. At the moment, the dark rotation force is used as a meat grinder to rotate to the central clear moon, and the surrounding annihilation energy is constantly impacting the clear moon body!
After this move, the torrential energy around Qingyue’s body has completely disappeared. At this moment, she must * * resist annihilation!
Blink of an eye, most of the skin and flesh of this girl’s body have gone to dust, leaving the remains like zombies, driven by the force of rules and rushing to a star dragon!
Unexpectedly, the speed of the serpent girl has gradually accelerated to such an extent that even Ahong is French, just like a sharp arrow piercing the bull’s-eye forcibly penetrated the center of the dark storm and grabbed a star dragon!
Immediately, most of the white arm bones of her arms have been exposed. Qing Yue frantically waved her paws. At this time, there was no trace of popularity in her eyes. A pair of scarlet eyes were replaced by unruly pride and wanton madness. The paws waved a one-star dragon body and were quickly caught. A lot of flesh and blood were thrown out. Several energy claws flew hundreds of kilometers through the one-star dragon body and directly chopped a small planet!
But even so, the light blue soul that keeps trembling can still be vaguely seen in the body of the one-week dragon … This monster will never die if the soul is immortal!
"Ha ha! If you don’t stop, you will kill you immediately … or you will die immediately if you don’t start! " One-star dragon roared with pain or anger.
"Really ….." Qing month mutilated face revealed a trace of irony. After several times of continuous slashing, he put his paws on his chest and forehead and raised them back high!
"It’s forbidden to be a bird in the end!"
Boom Boom!
After the last energy explosion of the serpent girl completely shattered the body of the one-week dragon, the clear moon did not stop, but continued to leap forward and blink of an eye, appearing behind the soul of the one-week dragon. The claws tore the extremely tough soul of the one-week dragon through its chest from beginning to end!
At the same time, a blood-red strange symbol unique to the protoss of the kingdom of heaven appeared in the sky, as if a seal completely sealed the body of a star dragon in it!
Qing month face upwards whistling one last lingering look at zhaojie.
Goodbye … Hubby, my love knows you, and my life is valuable …
"Don’t!" Zhaojie accelerated to the clear moon, but when there were still about 100 meters away from the girl, she tried her best to swing her right hand from the direction.
The bright stars in the deep universe are burning with deep black flames, and the huge firebird leaps and rushes from the dive to the clear moon, and then rushes out with her waving arms and crashing into the soul of a star dragon!
There is no imaginary explosion and destruction, and the soul of the one-star dragon and the body of the clear moon dissipate at the same time, leaving no dust in this universe.
In the distant sky, the black firebird howled again, as if it were sad and sad, and as if the soul had been redeemed and relieved.
Floating in the depths of the universe, only a tear drops from the corner of zhaojie’s eye.
Losing two partners in a row is a great blow to zhaojie’s strong self-confidence, and it gives him a bigger blow or comes from the intense pain in his heart!
"Ahhh! Ahhh! ! !”
A deafening roar reached everyone’s mind through the real universe. Zhao Jie suddenly turned away.
"War ghost …"
Back to a minute ago.
"War ghost! Give it up! Now you will never be my opponent! "
A glimmer of golden light slowly disappeared in the ghost chest … It was one hundred shining golden protoss who gave up their own * * and injected energy into the ghost body to have an effect.
"How is it possible! ?” War ghost looked at ghost with a full face of shock.
Ghost hey hey smiled and slowly pinched his fist next to a huge floating metal iron arm also made the same move "you know? We protoss also have the same strength as you. Although everyone has a special ability, this special ability is far superior to you … Because this ability is the power of rules, the power of Zeus, the king of God, and the assimilation of energy means that he can assimilate and absorb all energy, so that he can absorb the power of the world tree! And I, he believes that the protoss has the ability, which is not much worse than him. My ability is life assimilation! Absorb and gain all their strength from people who have the same attributes as me-divine attributes! However, I have absorbed three protoss before, and I didn’t continue to absorb them for the sake of my health … By fighting you just now, I have slowly digested the strength in my body, and you are no longer my opponent! Now I have absorbed the strength of 100 protoss, which can almost match Zeus, the king of God! So you are no match for me! "
With that, he punches it out!
It’s just a lap after a round, and the war ghost nuclear explosion has been as high as the bomb. In several fragments, the war ghost 7 is bleeding and floating in the middle, looking at the ghost with a full face of surprise and anger
"Oh, don’t look at me like that. Actually, to tell the truth, I hate your indomitable eyes the most, because it makes me lose a lot of refreshing feeling of killing opponents … but I should be able to see the expression I want from Xiubitian’s face after killing you and your partner! ?” Ghost hey hey smiled and slowly flew to the war ghost.
But to his surprise, the ghost did not look at him, but turned to the distance.
Ghost also turned to look and happened to see the scene of Qing Yue casting the final Zhi bird.