In fact, when they came in, everyone found out that they met the first team coach Chang Sheng, and everyone knew what was going on, but they had no illusions that they would be recruited into the first team.

They all know who the first team coach is here.
No one was surprised when Stramaccioni waved icardi past. Everyone had already guessed it.
The most outstanding person in this team is icardi. The first team coach is here. No, who else could he be?
Icardi looked a little excited. He quickly ran in front of the two coaches.
He rejected Barcelona’s choice to join Lazio because he could play in a winning team one day.
Now this wish seems to be coming true.
"I think you should have guessed what I meant by you, Mauro?" Stramaccioni asked.
Icardi nodded.
"Then you will train with the first team from tomorrow. Good luck. The competition in the first team is much more intense than that in the youth team, and the pressure is greater. I hope you won’t be easily overwhelmed by the pressure." Stramaccioni wishes icardi.
"I won’t be overwhelmed by pressure, sir!" Icardi answered with confidence.
Changsheng nodded at the side and was satisfied with the boy’s performance, but his mouth was still not forgiving. "Don’t be too happy. If you don’t satisfy me, you will be kicked back to the youth team at any time."
Icardi was a little stiff in the face of Changsheng, but he showed his courage to Changsheng.
"I’ll try, sir!"
Changsheng continued to keep a straight face. "Everyone will say that you still have to do it for me."
"I will, I will contribute every strength to the team! I also hope to be a part of it! "
Icardi soon got used to the atmosphere of talking with Changsheng alone. This kind of words can be said.
The beautiful words amused Chang Sheng.
Then he patted icardi on the shoulder "ok, we’ll see! Go home and report directly to the first team. "
Icardi nodded and thanked the two coaches, then turned and ran back.
No sooner had he returned to the crowd of teammates than he was surrounded by everyone asking him what he and the two coaches had said and envied him.