I don’t know how these two people can stay alone calmly.

"hey! Hey! " I was so angry that I jumped to the reception channel again and shouted kelp.
"hmm? What’s wrong? " I don’t know if I really fell asleep just now.
"I’ll tell you about the daily activities of kelp hoof-hoof moving flower palace. I cleaned them up one by one …"
"That …" Kelp also wanted to say something that was hurriedly interrupted by Maoershiang.
"Don’t tell me anything else. I volunteered to help you with your number. You take care of it yourself!" I quickly handed the rotten stall in my hand to Kelp Cat Ear Niang again and felt much more relaxed.
"It’s not what I want to say …" Kelp paused, ignoring her hard work and high tone, and then said, "You clean your hooves every day, so what’s her game for?"
"Hoof hoof game? !” "Can she still be in the mood to play games just like she is now?" asked Mao Erniang, incredulous at the instantaneous high tone.
"Her game at least have something to do! It’s much better than it is now! " Kelp also don’t know what tone compared to some frustrated at ordinary times.
The catwoman was silent.
Since he came to the channel today, he has seen Hoohoo-hoo alone in that small channel. He has been there several times secretly, either hanging up or staring blankly with a song, and he doesn’t know what he is thinking.
Kelp is also right. No matter what happens, it’s best to find a way to deal with it, instead of such a person who is depressed. If something happens in the game, then at least you have to face the game and think about a lot of private chats and invitations to join the gang just now. Thanks to his patience, he will reply to the past one by one, but he is not a person. Otherwise, he will learn Kelp’s direct game online as usual.
Hoof-hoo is getting obsessive-compulsive disorder by himself. He also knows that every day, he must do two major things. The first is to kick the gym and brush the crazy. The second is to clear the flower palace every day. Isn’t it a bad thing for him to be so kind? I heard that people in a bad mood had better divert their attention … Then didn’t he just destroy the only distraction method for Hoof-hoo?
A face of grief and mourning, Cat Ear Niang can’t help sighing again.
Today, I don’t know what’s going on, like I have already felt that there are two people here with strong grievances and low air pressure. At ordinary times, they should have been noisy and no one came.
It’s over. You shouldn’t just follow these two people on the same channel in such a weird atmosphere tonight. I can’t imagine it, okay?
Just as Cat Ear Niang was seriously considering whether to leave these two people to stay there for a night, she saw Pikachu, a cute boy, jumping up and down.
used at the end of an imperative sentence
Pikachu is a hippie greeting.
Aside, the cat ear mother was moved to tears.
This is the benefit of not telling the truth and not telling the truth!
Hope to break the calm before the storm depends on Pikachu!
Cats silently waited for Pikachu’s performance without saying a word in tears.
If there is a string missing in the brain, Pikachu did not live up to the expectations of the cat’s ear. Even after staying in the channel for five or six minutes, Pikachu still didn’t feel anything wrong, even though he was talking by himself.
"Oh, I’m exhausted today." Pikachu is still immersed in his own world. "Don’t you know that I almost can’t come back? Tell me about the workload. Is the boss still human?"
Wait a long time didn’t hear a word echoed Pikachu also don’t care much, but fortunately not too simpleton "yi? What happened today? Just the three of us? No, hooves are hanging on the surface, right? Four people? "
"Well, yes, there are four of us." Catwoman really couldn’t bear Pikachu to sing a monologue and then said.
"How can that be!" Pikachu protested in a way that he couldn’t accept the facts. "You know, there are twelve people in Hell Qingyun! One person short! Then I have to go to the wild team! "
Hey, hey …
When did peat say she would go with you …
Cat Ear Niang found that she couldn’t stop Pikachu from getting off the line. This guy really wrote and directed himself without paying attention to anything.
Even if he goes with Pikachu, what about kelp and hoof? Is Pikachu really confident to persuade these two to come in? Especially at this moment, how should he handle it?
In fact, I have to say that Catwoman really thinks too much about Pikachu, and she doesn’t even think about whether the other party will agree or not, let alone consider emotions. The number of people has been decided with a wave of her hand.
So more and more people who don’t know the white horse appeared in the reception channel, talking and laughing and making a mess.
"Uh-huh!" Pikachu clapped his hands and said with satisfaction, "This number is enough. All right, we are ready!" "
"…" Cat Ear Niang decided that it was better to say nothing at this time.
"Kelp! Wake up! Come quickly, lieutenant! Oh, yes! By the way, pull your hooves! She is Huang Ma and I can’t pull it! " I really have too much to say about being a little blue horse Pikachu now.
[22] Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Unconventional Breaking]
For Pikachu, I have to say that sometimes the catwoman still admires this guy, but he can completely ignore everyone’s faces and act wholeheartedly according to his own drama. This is probably an advantage of a special period.
Like now …
In the unexpected situation, Kelp actually listened to Pikachu’s words. No reception channel was impatient after being disturbed by so many white horses, and there was no fact that Pikachu’s consistent batting practice tone caused discomfort. Kelp didn’t say a word, but she was "obedient" and listened to Pikachu’s "instructions" to pull her hooves …
What is this to do …
Kelp know hoof hoof at this time a person in quietly at this time to not messed up …
But then the cat ear turned white.
Maybe sometimes unexpected and unconventional can solve the problem
"This is * * wrong * small * say what happened to S?" Zuo Tangtang was a little surprised and asked that he had no psychological preparation for suddenly appearing on the reception channel.
However, careful attention can still find that at first glance, the problem sound is hard to hide.
"Well, it’s nothing Pikachu said to play together." The answer was that there were still some frustrated kelp that seemed particularly gentle in the noisy crowd. "Play …" Zuo Tangtang repeated the sentence and declined it directly. "So … I won’t go …"
For her at the moment, it would be much better to be alone. I didn’t do anything today, but my heart was very tired, so I didn’t have the energy to support her to face everything.
"What?" Pikachu exploded directly before the catwoman could talk to kelp. "Little hoof, our friendship can’t be like this! Look, I’m all set up! "
"But …" Zuo Tangtang still hesitated. She was really in no mood at all.
"I don’t care! I don’t care! Little hoof! You piece of shit! Hurry! " I don’t know if Pikachu’s playing tricks on kung fu has increased since then. For today’s rare sharp drop in momentum, Pikachu said that his attitude is very tough
"Oh" didn’t log in to the game as usual after answering Zuo Tangtang’s stuffy question.
She now feels that even a quarrel is a luxury.
Seeing that he listened to his words, the thread was consciously sent to the deputy door, and Pikachu felt that he was all bad.
No matter how thick he is, no matter how trance he is, he can see that something is wrong with his little hoof! Usually have so cooperate with their actions!
I can’t believe she didn’t strike the table just now! Didn’t scold him for cheating! This is already a very surprising thing!
Thought of here, I was afraid of nothing. Pikachu was a little worried.
Let’s skip the hoof … It’s just a time bomb. He can’t tell when it will explode! You know, no matter how bad a person’s attitude is, he can still talk to him about reason and life. How can he cope if his emotions are out of control? Pikachu thinks very seriously.
Yeah, isn’t it that sad people look at the sky upside down? If little hoof feels the end of the world and gives up halfway, will he cry or not …
Pikachu, who has always boasted that he is the best, wanted to go back on his word temporarily, but it was not allowed to attract those scattered people next to him.
The wild team never pays attention to anything. This "I have something to wait for" or that "I’m sorry, can I pull another person?" are all speed-brush teams. If one of them has a problem, he will kick someone else directly. After all, everyone didn’t say a temporary team came to the team. More than a dozen people have the patience to wait.
Pikachu wanted to change people, but before he could say it, a man with a rough voice shouted, "Okay, okay, everyone’s here. Hurry up …"
"But …" Pikachu hesitated this time.
"Don’t play? Don’t hit me. "The biggest output is the most guaranteed. It is really a big threat to throw away Pikachu’s trivial prejudice and not say that kelp is freely used."
"Fight! Why not fight! " You know, in this era, it is as difficult to find a person who can resist hatred and blame as it is to find a sophisticated Emei. Pikachu urged "Everyone to enter! All in! "
I don’t know for what reason Zuo Tangtang silently hung up his social status as offline. If he didn’t take the initiative to explore his information, he would have no line at this time.
"Huh?" Zuo Tangtang stopped.