It was a success that saved the ball. Zhao Di’s heart was already stable. She firmly caught Jin Minzhu’s straight ball. Sun Jinqiu was the second and assistant attacker of South Korea. Sun Jin would give the ball to the fourth position. When Yang Xishi, Sun Jin turned right with her wrist and directly hoisted the ball.

The ball is fast and the root doesn’t give people a response.
The drop point is just the corner of the baseline, which is the point where Park Ji-hui serves to find Zhao Di.
Its humanity is still in its person!
Park Ji-hui still has some reaction after the ball landed.
"Great!" Several people were relieved when they saw the ball landing.
A few people in the field clapped to celebrate Zhao Di’s relief and looked at yan lin. "Yan, are you okay?"
Because of the January game, everyone is wearing black trousers now, and I can’t see anything for a while. Just thinking about the way yan lin saved the ball, Zhao Di was moved and sorry.
"Nothing, what can I do?" Lin Yanxiao smiled. "Sister Zhao Di, your judgment on that ball just now is really good."
Zhao Di smiled and now finally exchanged serves, that is, the South Korean team won’t be afraid to get it back again. After all, Park Ji-hui can’t serve any more. She felt relieved and shook yan lin’s hand and returned to the sixth position.
Now it’s their turn to serve.
Cheng Yaqiong’s serve was also crushed hard, and Park Ji-hui scored six points in a row. Now she finally got the serve, and Cheng Yaqiong is holding it in her breath.
She served steadily and looked for Park Ji-hui. The South Korean head coach didn’t replace Park Ji-hui just now.
Cheng Yaqiong’s service quality is moderate, but it doesn’t make people unable to catch Park Zhihui’s feet. It soon stabilized. But now China has Yang Xi, Sun Jin and yan lin in the front row, and Cheng Yaqiong, bring up the rear and South Korea’s attacker Jin Minzhu’s spike is directly blocked by Yang Xi and Sun Jin.
The defensive link is weak. The South Korean team saves the ball. From time to time, the China team blocks and scores!
For three consecutive passes, Yaqiong, with one exception, was looking for Park Ji-hui, and the quality of the South Korean team’s serve and the second was getting worse and worse. Kim Jong Kook finally couldn’t help it, and finally called a time-out after scoring the first position in yan lin.
"Keep the current state, Sun Jin, you continue to block with Yang Xi. South Korea II may change its strategy and choose a secondary attack and storm. Then Lin Yan, you can also try to block." Yuan Chengmin lowered his voice but was a little excited. "You don’t have to stop to death, but you must keep it in front of the net and then take this game."
To win this game, the champion is at hand. No matter whether it is left or lost, the China women’s volleyball team has locked in the Asian Championship.
A few people were excited at the scene, and their voices were hoarse. When Yuan Chengmin heard this arrangement, he nodded his determination.
While this time, yan lin hurriedly took a sip of water. Now there is some boiling in the gymnasium. Before, the audience was surprised by Park Ji-hui’s serve power. Now, the China team stopped and cheered. The audience shouted and never stopped.
Trying to keep his brain open, yan lin dumped his head hard, and then he returned to the main attack position
The south Korean team has finally changed Park Ji-hui and been replaced. The girl’s face value is at least in the south Korean team, but I don’t know the strength.
Cheng Yaqiong keeps his service level, but he won’t score a goal, nor will he be out of bounds or net.
Sure enough, as Yuan Chengmin expected, the South Korean women’s volleyball team began to change its strategy, but Yuan Chengmin also guessed the beginning but not the process.
Attack from the back!
The new girl No.11 took off in the back row to attack the ball root. yan lin quickly stepped back to help the back row relieve the pressure. But she just stepped back and heard Yuan Chengmin shout in front of the net!
The spike in the back row missed the tennis ball and hung on the net. yan lin rushed back and forth for a while, and his body was almost unbalanced. Did the ball land on the south Korean team’s court?
Spike net
China is one point behind South Korea with a score of five to six.
Yan lin’s heart is seven, and she and several other people feel relieved. The ball just now was too dangerous.
Looking at yan lin, the new 11th sister of the South Korean team, I don’t know whether this girl is brave or just to scare them, but on the whole, this strategy is successful.
It’s really scary.
"It’s okay to have me in the front row." Ms. Sun patted yan lin on the shoulder and motioned for her not to get in the way
Yan lin nodded her head. She was nervous just now, but it’s okay to be stable now. Although she was playing ball around the edges at the beginning, she was still an old girl there. This concentration was still there. At the beginning, a group of big sisters in the office were fine. They just asked yan lin for all kinds of "I told you, don’t tell anyone." yan lin has always been very tight-lipped. Of course, the big sisters didn’t ask yan lin later because yan lin was too tight-lipped.
Playing ball with the attitude of keeping the working hours secret is something that yan lin decided for himself from the beginning. Of course, it is accompanied by good exercise habits. Although the exercise habits are relatively not maintained, the mentality is still good
Cheng Yaqiong continued to serve. The 11th sister of the South Korean team is still very brave. yan lin has some doubts that the head coach of the South Korean team, such a new force, has only sent her out until now. Even the closet baby should have played early.
It can’t be said that this new girl’s talent is not very good on weekdays, but one game is all kinds of great. Is Kim Jong Kook also a mistake?
After Cheng Yaqiong served 7-6, the South Korean team hoped that Heyuan, who was outstanding in the new field, would continue to play an advantage in chasing the score. However, Feng Langqiang’s defense against Heyuan was flawed, and yan lin’s defense in the secondary attack position prevented the South Korean team from finally losing the third game.
The match between thirteen and fifteen has not yet been played, but the China women’s volleyball team has won the championship.
"Good. Although it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose a game, I hope you are on the podium with a six-win attitude." Yuan Chengmin’s words are very simple and neat. This requirement is not high for women volleyball girls who have relaxed their mentality.
There’s an old saying that when you hit it, you can hit it no matter how you hit it. Now China women’s volleyball team is like this.
Although the south Korean girls are also resisting, it is extremely humbled that they can’t defend Feng Lang’s heavy deduction, and they are spiked by Lin Yan from time to time, or they are harassed by the drop ball in the third game.
The score was much uglier than the second game, and the south Korean team lost the game in three sets, 9-15.
At the last minute, the whole stadium was suddenly cheered and the girls of the off-court women’s volleyball team hugged together.
This is the first time that they have won the championship.
Behind this champion is that they have qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games and are finally ready to compete with other teams on the world stage again, hoping to win a world championship and come back to give an account to the people who have high hopes for the women’s volleyball team.
Several older people in the team, such as Cao Hui and Zhao Di, even shed tears. Since they entered the national team in 1976, they have finally won the Asian Championship. It is unknown to outsiders how much they have suffered, sweated and suffered from injuries in the past three years.
This championship trophy is what they have been looking forward to for a long time.
Yan lin looked at the tears, and several big sisters tried to persuade them to be happy and not to cry, but they couldn’t help but burst into tears, but they seemed stuck and couldn’t say anything.
"Well, well, the South Korean players are still waiting to shake hands with you." Deng Zengtao said with a smile that the sound is also somewhat strange
There’s the South Korean team. There’s yan lin on the field. He quickly wiped his eyes and followed the team to the field.
There are no rules in the game. The winners are in front of the net, while those who lose the game line up to shake hands one by one.
The stadium is what the enemy should do after the game or how to spend it, which is probably the most cliche "competition is the second, friendship is the first"
After the game, the gym staff asked everyone to tidy up their things first, because in half an hour, awards will be given, not only to the first three winners of the championship season, but also to the athletes and coaches
Yan lin is not very interested in this, or it should be said that she knows very well that she will not win any individual awards. Neither she nor Feng Lang is the main force this time, and the number of appearances is not much. Even the statistics of the organizing Committee of the competition will not award awards to them.
Sitting in the locker room, yan lin turned around when she was changing her pants, and saw that her knees were purple. She took a sigh of relief and it really hurt.
"Yan, why are you so swollen?" Zhao Di has always wanted to ask a former Lin Yan that it was too hard for yan lin to save the ball. It was a diving mat, but the jump was too fierce and it was estimated that she was injured. She never came to ask.