"What can’t do that! Besides, on feelings, we two brothers are much deeper than you! "

The little ghost star girl blushed with anger.
The ghost shadow is to hold the younger sister and say to the eldest brother, the ghost firefly, "Eldest brother, since they are willing to be spoiled by nine people and animals, it is not bad. At the very least, there is no need for the mysterious turtle underground palace. There are also twenty people in the monster beast army, so they can leave together and ask them to obey, but otherwise we can re-seal the palace door."
This is a wind dragon king is shine at the moment "good idea! It’s better for everyone to take care of them when they go to Zunyuan country! "
"Is there any way to make them obey?"
Water tiger king asked
Wind dragon king hey hey smile eyes rested on Tang Luoling a line of people "let them choose a master contract! This is absolutely no problem. Chapter 95 Contract beast pet 1
Well, the wind dragon king actually hit them with his idea.
Tang Luoling’s eyebrows actually came to the dreamland mainland, and their idea was to find a powerful animal pet for everyone.
Since there are twenty monster beasts and fierce beasts in the underground palace of Xuangui, it is natural to take away as little as possible, and to give everyone a strong beast can also increase their own strength
The wind dragon king is a highly effective man. After talking about himself, he has entered the underground palace of Xuangui and then called out the twenty strong men.
"You all listen up. From today on, we will leave the mysterious turtle underground palace and possibly leave the dreamland mainland. Are you still willing?"
The wind dragon king asked about the twenty strong bms. In fact, when they appeared, Tang Luoling could still keenly feel that their strength was actually much stronger than that of the original Phoenix.
Imagine that Phoenix was already very strong at the beginning, but if Phoenix is allowed to fight against these fears for a long time, it will be divided into winners and losers.
It can also be said that this batch of monster beast army has been released, and the whole dreamland mainland will be chaotic every day!
One of the women greeted us. "Dragon King, what will you do to us if we don’t want to?"
"That will let you go back to the mysterious turtle underground palace and stay here. We will re-seal the palace door."
The water tiger king has a cold tone and an eye knife blew at them!
The woman’s face froze for a while, and then she laughed, "The cat will follow!"
"Good. I’m willing to follow us all here, and then let them choose one of you. Of course, this is not a master-servant contract, but an equal contract, but there is still a life-and-death contract. This is also to prevent you from trespassing."
The wind dragon king pointed aside and waved to Tang Luoling and his party. Whoever you want to contract can go ahead.
Xia Houlian looked at Tang Luoling and wondered if he should be in front.
Tang Luoling ordered them, "They are all very powerful monsters and fierce beasts. If they choose you as their master, they will never hurt you. Whichever one you choose is good."
Xia Houlian and others were relieved and became very excited for a moment. After all, they wanted to contract their pets.
The most important thing is that these beasts are no more powerful than them!
Yunsu has resumed giving Dan medicine in Tang Luoling. She looked at those monsters and found that six of them were women.
She is a woman, and naturally she is also a woman picker.
So I went to the front of the yellow cat. "Hello, my name is Su Niang. Can we make a contract?"
The yellow cat glanced at Yunsu and nodded at her "Good!"
The two women quickly completed the contract.
In the summer, Houlian found a flamingo and directly contracted Tang Luoling. After asking the reason, he answered that flamingo’s flying speed is not slow, and when he can’t win, flying is much faster than running. It is very good to come back and take a walk!
Tang Luoling looks up to heaven, such an idiot cousin, who will help her shoot each other to death!
It’s a powerful monster. How did it get to him and become a means of transportation?
Soon Yunyang also agreed that the poisonous jackal was a crocodile and the cloud was a wasp.
In Tang Luoling, there are already local tyrants, small white Tang Yu, and tiger thousand rubs and long Qian Fei. Their siblings don’t need to contract a monster beast. Chapter 951 Contract beast pet.
The water tiger king looked at the sixteen contracts before him and was surprised. "Why don’t you contract two?"
Tang Luoling explained, "Senior Tiger King, we still have partners in Dreamland. When we arrive in the big city of Shizhou in central China, we can see them and then contract with them. What do you think? I promise that I can let the monster beast and the fierce beast complete the contract! "
"Now that you have plans, you don’t need me to say anything more."
The water tiger king touched his nose to show that it was acceptable.
In this way, Tang Luoling and his party had a thrilling time in the mysterious turtle underground palace.
Of course, there are no treasures in the mysterious turtle underground palace.
And the greatest wealth is naturally the monster beast army.
Twenty monster beast and fierce beasts strong than that phoenix; Plus strength to catch up with super beast Feng Wang Dragon King, Water Tiger King, Ghost Firefly, Ghost Star and Ghost Shadow.
Don’t say that Tang Luoling dragging these 25 guys out for a walk can definitely scare the so-called nine overlords of Dreamland.
After all, in their eyes, these super beastmasters have emerged when they shouldn’t be here, and they are not a whole 25!
In this way, Tang Luoling took away all the kings of super beast in the underground palace of Xuangui.
Of course, when leaving, Tang Luoling asked Xia Houlian, "Do you want to take that Leicheng Leiwa?"
"Even if I want to take it, it may not come with me."
Summer Hou Lian frowned because he still knew that the little broken bird would not be so obedient.
"How can you know if you don’t ask it?"
Tang Luoling asked, sometimes you can’t think intuitively and don’t even give each other a chance.