"Hehe, not necessarily. Although we are a little higher than these stupid humans in his eyes, we are still inferior creatures."

"Too arrogant! What is the origin of the master’s Duanmu inscription? "
"That’s not what you can ask."
"I’m sorry, master"
"Well, there’s nothing for you to do. Leave everyone out. Hum, I’m afraid that fool is stupid to think about how to expand his power! We’re going to hit the underworld door. Where are these inferior creatures our opponents in the underworld? There is no need for the roots to establish their own forces. The most important thing is to prevent them from uniting. "
"Master Ying"
Cloud flying’s B-level medium fighters have both phantom powers and can produce two avatars at the same time, which are four gangs, one black dragon gang and four hall lords.
Situxiao’s B-level power is good at assassination and stealth, and he has just been promoted to the first-class killer of the Killer Guild recently.
Xiong Kun’s B-level fighters are born with divine power, which is one of the bodyguards of the four gangs, the Jinlin gang leader.
Except for Stuart Xiao, there are actually two people left. If we offend them, it is almost equal to offending two of the four gangs. These guys probably want to see what Duanmu Ming will do, but Duanmu Ming didn’t think so much. Now I want to have a good play with them.
Cloud flying was lucky. The outside of his body seemed to be shrouded in a hazy fog, but the fog was extremely bright. The dangerous Situxiao in his eyes was like throwing a black bullet after it burst. A black fog enveloped him. The fog cleared and Situxiao disappeared into the air.
Xiong Kun is the most innocent one, but his strength is the greatest. This is probably because some big fairy heard that when Duan Muming fought, the muscle strength master specially found such a natural divine man to confront him. This is totally framed!
Duan Muming always puts on a muscular man’s appearance simply because he watched too much when he was a child and couldn’t help learning the foolish Lv Di’s appearance _
Xiong Kun, the main attack force, was the first to come with heavy footsteps and the ground seemed to tremble slightly, and Xiong Kun’s eyes showed great excitement, which was only when he met a strong enemy.
This kid is still a fighting maniac! Duan Muming took a deep breath and suddenly his muscles swelled up. He waved his fist at Xiong Kun head-on. Xiong Kun’s fist and Duan Muming’s fist met and made a loud noise. Xiong Kun was shocked and retreated three steps. Duan Muming also retreated three steps.
have equal shares (of sth)
But this tournament is not one-on-one. When Duanmu Ming just stepped back, there was a sudden murder intention behind him. It was Situxiao!
For the killer, there is no mercy. In this case, either the other person dies or he dies. It seems that this guy is sent to kill Duanmu Ming.
The dagger in Situ Xiao’s hand is also an instrument with very strong toxicity and sharp specific weight. If it can stimulate the holder’s murder and potential bloodthirsty, it can be said that it is a natural weapon. He chose the right time just when Duanmu Ming was forced to retreat and stop making new efforts.
He is sure of the blow.
But he miscalculated Duanmu Ming’s agility. Although Duanmu Ming usually wins by strength, Duanmu Ming’s muscles are not only strong, but his speed, agility and endurance are also greatly increased. Moreover, Situ Xiao is full of murderous blows, which made Duanmu Ming guard against it. When his dagger touched Duanmu Ming’s back coat, Duanmu Ming turned around with his right foot and swayed over Situ Xiao as if he had turned around in a basketball game.
Situxiao was frightened and had a strong premonition that he was in a bad situation. He turned to Duanmuming and jumped in the opposite direction, and started the dagger, another function of stealth. It can be said that he can achieve himself today. This dagger accounts for half of the credit.
But his speed is fast, and Duanmu Ming’s speed is not slow at all. When he just flew, Duanmu Ming’s toe had already kicked his belly. Poof … Situxiao was seriously injured and spit out one mouthful blood, and then fell down heavily and disappeared. This little guy actually played stealth again.
"Hey!" Xiong Kun roared again, and this time, the momentum was even stronger than the second time. If you say that you have divided your strength, you will gain a lot of strength this time.
And cloud flying, who has been preparing for a long time behind him, also rushed in, and one is three, which made Duanmu Ming difficult to tell the truth from the false. In the face of such a way, Duanmu Ming insidious smile raised his right foot and stomped on the ground. Although the surface of the tournament venue had been specially treated, it still gave way to Duanmu Ming’s B-level strength, which violently shook up and rushed to Duanmu Ming. Xiong Kunli was unstable and his speed slowed down immediately.
Hey, hey, wait. This is the moment! Lvses(;
Chapter 23 Surprised ()
When Xiong Kunli’s center of gravity moved unsteadily, Duanmu Ming took the opportunity to rush to his fist and swung it out at the first time. This is not a fair fight, but three fights and one Duanmu Ming won’t care about what manners and things are to knock down his opponent. This is the main purpose.
Xiong Kun was caught off guard and rushed to hand-connect Duanmu Ming’s fist, and even half of his strength could not be made. His body was overwhelmed by the powerful force of this punch and he flew up and fell three feet away. Fortunately, his skin was rough and rough.
But Xiong Kun flew out behind him, and three cloud flying were exposed. Three identical cloud flying, which one is true? These three people even broke out with the same momentum and pressure on Duanmu Ming.
Now it’s not important. What’s important is that Duanmu Ming can’t be surrounded by them, or there will be some trouble. Duanmu Ming will move quickly and consider whether to kill Xiong Kun and stealth Situxiao first or the threat will be too great! Although Duanmu Ming didn’t mean to hurt each other, the other party obviously wouldn’t be polite to himself. If Duanmu Ming is polite to them again … he has no intention of returning to the underworld now.
Then there are four people on the other side plus stealth Situxiao dodge, which has no effect. Duanmu Ming even stepped back a few steps and suddenly grabbed a step and hit a cloud flying face hard.
He’s not happy to see a pretty boy!
This cloud flying got a fright and quickly flicker. At the same time, one elbow severely topped Duanmu Ming’s waist. cloud flying was not afraid of melee combat, but he stopped before his elbow touched Duanmu Ming’s body. Duanmu Ming firmly grasped his elbow with his other armpit.
Since this one is real, the other two should be impostors, right?
But Duanmu Ming’s opportunistic idea has just formed, which proves how wrong Duanmu Ming is from both sides. Nai Duanmu Ming put his hand in cloud flying’s jump and retreated, and three cloud flying tied together again, and three people had a long sword flashing blue light at the same time.
Dizzy ….. This is not mean to bully Duanmu Ming without weapons?