Sue girl was so excited that she inadvertently pulled the men’s belt, and her strong chest was suddenly exposed.

"Cough, husband, I want to eat fish." Seeing this situation, Su Shiyuan’s cheeks turned red and the shy little figure fell into the male eyes. Chu Lin couldn’t help but be dazed.
"Wait here!" Chu Lin feels bewitched, and his heart beats uncontrollably.
The words sound just fell and Su Shiyuan felt a cold cheek and there was a splash on her face.
"You are so bad, so cold!" Su Shiyuan wiped her face and made a face toward the man in the water. Chu Lin was really teased out of the salt of the earth and raised her hand toward the water, but she didn’t work too hard to get up in the evening breeze. He was really afraid that she would catch cold.
Su Shiyuan’s eyebrows locked and her feet lifted. I didn’t expect the water here to be so deep. The girl got up from the river in a splash, and the wet clothes came close to her body. The curve was more graceful and more suitable for the skin. Chu Linlai had caught the fish and plopped into the water. Su Shiyuan was puzzled and looked at him. Chu Linlai looked at her at this time.
Su Shiyuan looked down at his eyes and it turned out that the neckline had been washed away by the current, and the skin as white as coagulate fat was so exposed to the air.
The fish in his hand has been let go. Looking at her little figure, someone feels a little sorry. Chu Lin quickly turned around and caught another fish, but a surge of qi and blood kept pouring in quietly.
Su Shiyuan was very embarrassed to squat down in the water and stretched out his hand and grabbed the big fat fish from Chu Lin and turned to walk to the shore.
The water is still coming. It is estimated that Su Shiyuan still caught fish, but she didn’t look back. She remembered that the car had prepared clothes. It was really chilly when the evening breeze blew. Su Shiyuan put the fish on the grass and then lifted the carriage.
There is no Susu Shiyuan in my ear, and my heart can’t help but speed up. Don’t rush over at this time!
However, this wet dress is stubborn. Su Shiyuan even tugged at it and quickly took it off. I don’t know who this dress is going to come. She is just a size smaller.
I don’t know that the chest that has been tied up recently has quietly grown a lot. At this time, this new dress is tight, especially the fabric on the chest is very tight.
Su Shiyuan is not used to pulling the cloth on her chest. At this moment, the man suddenly lifted the curtain of the carriage and his eyes fell on her chest!
Beautiful women remember to put on more clothes when it’s cold. Take care of yourself. How time flies. Chapter 149 Sleeping in the wild is a bad idea.
"Yuaner, you are so beautiful!" The male voice was bewitched and low, and Su Shiyuan was a little uncomfortable. The eyes seemed to burn her cheeks with burning temperature.
"ah! I fish! " Su Shiyuan seems to feel what is going to happen, deliberately making excuses to get out of the carriage. Anyway, she is already dressed up. Su Shiyuan reached out and refused. Just as she wanted to get out of the carriage, the man had already leaned in.
Su Shiyuan was knocked back by his shoulder. The man’s Zhang Jun face suddenly enlarged and his lips suddenly became hot and plundered.
It’s getting dark, but the big fat fish in the water are cheering more and more, and the splash is getting higher and higher.
"You’re a prude. You don’t want to talk to me? I-I don’t think you must have another woman these days." When the female voice in the middle of the night was like a cat barking, she stretched out her hand and touched her sweaty forehead and looked at her in distress situation.
"Little fool, what are you talking about? How could I have another woman? If I had this idea, I’ve been waiting for so many years to say that it’s really intentional to alienate you." Fortunately, the carriage has everything, and both of them have changed their clothes. After Su Shiyuan heard him say this, his water eyes suddenly stared at the man in front of him in amazement.
"What?" Su Shiyuan tugged at his skirt and asked Chu Lin, but suddenly her hand was clenched in the palm of her hand, and her eyes were filled with extremely spoiled color.
"Practicing a skill recently has just reached a new level, and I can’t get close to women." When Chu Lin said this, he was a little embarrassed and coughed a little. It seems that he was shy to see Su Shiyuan’s already ruddy cheeks.
"You, have you practiced?" Su Shiyuan tentatively asked that her eyes have been locked, and her face is a little uneasy. She is also a martial arts practitioner. She also knows that light work is wasted and heavy work is possessed!
"No," someone answered, especially simply and concisely, and clearly saw that her original rosy cheeks were covered with clouds.
"You are so silly! I ignore you! " She knew it would be like this. Su Shiyuan stretched out his hand and pushed him. But the man around her was motionless, but turned to her and they got closer.
"Luca brasi, don’t be angry, but I don’t regret it or feel sorry." Su Shiyuan twisted her head constantly, and the more she twisted her head, the more he chased her, and directly buried her face in her knees. Did this little thing cry? Then he stretched out his hand and pushed her a few times, but he still couldn’t see what she said.
"I’m hungry to get something to eat" is really giving in to his swaying back and forth. Su Shiyuan looked up and asked for a carriage. At that moment, he could see clearly that Zhang Baiyu’s cheeks were full of tears. It turned out to be coquetry!
"Luca brasi son wait for me! I will give you grilled fish to eat! " Chu Lin then jumped out of the car. At this time, it was already dark. Before catching fish, I couldn’t find it. Chu Lin rolled up his sleeves and caught two more, so I gathered a fire nearby.
She is so tired that it is a little difficult to walk. Chu Lin simply won’t let her walk around and directly carry her back to the car to rest.
Soon, when she was hungry and about to fall asleep, the pen suddenly burst into a delicious taste, and Su Shiyuan swallowed her saliva and suddenly felt even hungrier.
"Eat quickly and be careful to burn" The man tentatively lifted the curtain. She was already asleep. Su Shiyuan stretched out his hand and took the grilled fish and tore a piece of it. The white and tender hand held the fish and sent it to the front man’s mouth.
Chu Lin also pulled a piece of fish to pick out the fishbone and fed it to her mouth. Su Shiyuan smiled shyly, but she was already an old married couple. She was really hungry, but it didn’t matter what image she wolfed down directly.
She eats very fast, even when she eats fish, she can be a little slower.
"I hate that my hands are full of oil!" She found that men eat slowly whether they are hungry or not, although they are also fast, but they are beautiful, perhaps because they have accepted palace etiquette since childhood, and the same is true for eating because of Chu Yansha.
Su Shiyuan’s heart is better than glad at this time. Fortunately, she seems to be suffocated with weeds.
When Chu Lin saw her eating like a wolf, she couldn’t help but feel distressed and touched her head, thinking that she must have suffered a lot these days. The news from the guards is too general to cover everything!
Su Shiyuan hid for a while and then continued to eat grilled fish in his hand. It was only with relish that a big fish had been completely eliminated for a while.
"It’s delicious. Where can you get seasoning?" Su Shiyuan, with a salty taste in the burnt incense, is very satisfied to eat. Looking at the male eyes around him, there is another point of appreciation.
"Buy over there" Chu Lin stretched out his hand and pointed to a place not too far away from them. Su Shiyuan looked at an inn not far away, and they had already seen it when they came.
Su Shiyuan nodded and then continued to chew on the grilled fish. This little appearance is like a hungry refugee. Then the ruddy mouth is stained with a little oil. Chu Lin can’t help but secretly kiss the corner of his mouth and immediately emerge with a smile.
"Let’s go to that rest day after eating, and we can get home." Just when he went to buy spices, he already agreed with the innkeeper that they would go to the hotel for a while.
"I want to continue on my way!" Chu Lin had finished eating the fish’s tail and stabbed too much. She simply didn’t chew the man. She carefully found a handkerchief from the carriage and wiped her fingertips with oil stains very carefully and carefully.