Ziyun Ao also tugged at her lip. She spit out a slight sneer in her lip, but declared that she disdained watching the ribbon. After losing in the past year, she still didn’t learn any lesson. There are many people who hide their strength, and there are also many people who consume physical strength.

What most people are afraid of is this kind of unfair competition from physical strength. It’s lucky if you don’t draw it. It’s really lucky if you draw it.
The disparity in physical strength is true, but it is not an absolute victory.
It was because the former was too radiant last year that Xuan Ou Luo became a target of public criticism. Looking at Ziyun Ao was like looking at the original and feeling ridiculous.
But people shouldn’t laugh at themselves, because you were a part of you in the past, and you made you in the past. Now, whether it’s good or bad, it has produced such a shadow on you. Chapter 537 Fantasy blood chess.
"What’s the trick though?" Ziyun proudly said coldly.
"I won’t go easy on you just because you helped me in the previous team competition." Xuan Ou Luo’s tone was arrogant
Ziyun proudly doesn’t say that Xuanbing Sword in her hand is ready to move. This sword is strong when it is strong. She can feel this power. It seems that Xuan Ou Ruo is not a simple role.
Gazing at the gorgeous Europe, the whole body suddenly exudes a dark black light-
The light was in their ears and swelled rapidly, scattering from all directions, and the sky seemed to be covered with a shadow.
The Xuanbing sword in Ziyun’s proud hand still keeps shaking!
Trance heard the bang of a black chess, and only the speed quickly flew in the direction of Ziyun’s pride.
Xuanbing sword has been drawn with a sudden shock in the whole body.
The purple light is unstoppable, and the dark day seems to have been broken, like flying over the sky with geese.
Dark black’s chess and Xuanbing Sword collide with each other and shine like a meteor shower scattered from all directions.
Xuan Bing’s sharp blade actually penetrated dark black chess.
If Xuanbing Sword is the sharpest sword in the world, then this chess is like the hardest shield in the world at the moment.
Keng Keng-
Xuanbing sword is strong when it meets strong, and the light around it becomes stronger and stronger. Pursuing this dark black chess spirit, it draws waves of bright light.
I don’t know what Xuan Bingjian thinks. The stronger he sends out, the stronger the other side will be. The ancient top ten artifacts, Xuan Bingjian, obviously have their own spirituality and self-esteem. The more they struggle, the more they can pass away energy, but let it feel that the other side seems to absorb their own energy and increase its energy!
The stalemate between the two sides was discussed by the midfield crowd.
"What’s that? A chess? !”
"A chess can actually resist the Xuanbing sword. What the hell is that!"
"Xuanbing Sword is the seventh sword among the top ten ancient artifacts. What can resist it in this world!"
"It won’t be a fantasy blood chess!"
"Ghost blood chess?"
"Have you ever heard of Pangu chess, which ranks second among the top ten ancient artifacts? Phantom blood chess is an abandoned Pangu chess game. Every chess game has its own powerful magic power. Although it is an abandoned weapon, the strength of Phantom blood chess is quite different from that of Xuanbing Sword. "
"It seems that it is not so easy for Ziyun to win this game."
"What kind of role is this gorgeous Ou Ruo with such a powerful weapon!"
"I heard that she was also a figure on the list last year. She was framed because she was too sharp last year, and she finally relied on the resurrection game to enter the list. The name is not very loud."
"You mean ribbon ou ruo? I have the impression that she is quite a powerful character. Last year, she was so sharp-edged and so low-key this year. I really didn’t realize it was her if you hadn’t said it! That’s a stunning beauty. Last year, she was quite powerful before she had a fantasy chess game. I didn’t expect that she actually got such a baby. It seems that this Ziyun pride is going to lose. "
"Yes, what’s the hard-edged thing? In the end, I didn’t have to lose my strength. Ou Ruo learned the lesson from last year. It seems to be the final attack-538. Chapter 538 A broken game also wants to trap me.
Xuan Bing’s sword is not defeated, and the magic blood chess has become a little agitated, but its strength is still rising. It is not easy for it to meet an opponent that is rare in a hundred years and it is becoming more and more serious.
The fire and thunder at the junction of the two great artifacts are dazzling and blinding.
Ziyun’s proud eyes slightly gathered up this mysterious blood chess, which is not only as hard as a shield, but also as if to absorb the damage from Xuanbing Sword and increase its attack power at the same time.
This kind of doubt is constantly weakening the power of Xuanbing Sword.
"Xuan Bing is frozen-"Ziyun proudly recited a spell to half.
The freezing skill is the skill that Xuanbingjian carries with him. After he contracts with his master, this skill will appear. Later, with Xuanbingjian’s self-cultivation and tacit understanding with his master, his skills will increase.
Xuanbingjian immediately released the freezing skill when he heard Ziyun’s proud command.
The linear light emitted by the tip of the sword flies halfway like ice, and there is a piece of ice and snow everywhere.
Xuan Ouruo was surprised to find that her left hand was frozen.
But before XuanBing sword show off in an ostentatious manner, the ice mountain was smashed!
Ziyun proudly said with a black line and Xuanbingjian proudly, I’m sorry that I haven’t exercised my muscles for too long. Please give me another chance.
Ziyun proudly recited the spell "Frozen in Xuan Bing-"
Gorgeous ou ruo hasn’t reacted yet. The left half has been completely frozen-