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Xiao Lingyu is not a stupid person. You can guess the other party’s intention to suggest this-the other party will not be weak in an attack. If you die, you will not think about anything. If you resist, you can gain insight into your strength whether you resist easily or reluctantly.
And the other party also intends to leave him in the East Pole …
Chapter 335 Strong armor velociraptor
? Chapter 335 Jian Jia Xun Long
In Wang Tai, Hao Ren is closed and wants to make himself more stable in the early stage of the dungeon.
The hunchback old man was very well-advised to see Xiao Lingyu wandering around the valley and didn’t come to disturb him.
Xiao Lingyu turned several times, either because she was interested or because she felt a lot more peaceful, so she turned again …
Chapter 336 Shame on you 1
? Chapter 336 Shame on you 1
It was decided that the two men waited quietly for nearly a month before the armored velociraptor came back from the outside.
Jianjia Xunlong has two strong legs, a dragon head and a snake tail, but the scales are not as long as the dragon’s body, and its head is more than three feet high. It seems that it has long noticed that someone has invaded its territory.
Chapter 337 Shame on you 2
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Xiao Lingyu can also guess that the idea of this armored velociraptor is naturally how fast it can run, how fast it can run, and how fast it can be done in the Chinese website ()
The spirit magic period is no longer Xiao Lingyu’s ability to deal with the other side. Once again, the fairy beast lineage launched a talented avatar. Xiao Lingyu dared not face it even if he was confident.
Fortunately, this cave is tortuous and some locations are relatively narrow, which makes the armored velociraptor occasionally slow down and always try to chase the fugitive Xiao Lingyu.
Naturally, the magical power of Jianjia Velociraptor is sometimes limited, and Xiao Lingyu will be chased. When Jianjia Velociraptor is 20 years old, it will have to release its magical power. Otherwise, it will not only be released successfully, but also blow itself up.
Ow! !
The original fast-running armored velociraptor suddenly stopped sending out Yi Long songs, and then there were balls that were like black darksteel casting, which spouted from its mouth and flew at a high speed towards Xiao Lingyu’s back in a renju trend.
Although Xiao Lingyu’s armored velociraptor has a long distance and Xiao Lingyu is still advancing at a high speed, those spheres are still drawing him closer.
The horrible energy from those round beads made Xiao Lingyu shudder. He felt that a round bead would kill himself if it hit him firmly, not to mention that several round beads were connected in a line.
Xiao Lingyu ran a few breaths again, knowing that he had finished his method and avoided those spheres, which was to let the six magic beads in the town also form a line and go behind him.
Booming and exploding constantly reverberates in this purple light cave, and the whole cave is constantly shaking. Although Xiao Lingyu is faster, it also instantly breaks through his chaotic mask and is in his body.
Behind him came the burning pain, and the bones were broken and crunchy at this time. Even the chaotic magic baby in the abdomen was hit by a lot.
Fortunately, the pearl of the chaotic magic baby body once again released the chaotic fan light to protect the chaotic baby body, so that the chaotic baby body did not collapse.
After the six magic fairy beads were blown up, there was still a black ball chasing after them, and the speed and power didn’t seem to weaken much and Xiao Lingyu was locked.
Xiao Lingyu nai is suddenly turned around and swung silver moon broken knife is split into the black ball.
At the edge of the artifact, the black ball was directly split in two, probably because it was too fast to be split in an instant. Both semicircles of the black ball were passed by Xiao Lingyu and then flew a few feet away before they suddenly blew up.
Even if it was chopped and bombed a few feet behind it, the power was still very strong. Of course, it was precisely because of these two points that Xiao Lingyu carried it, although the injury was aggravated.
First, take back six magic fairy beads, and then Xiao Lingyu immediately fed himself a few pills of Dan medicine and stared at the front while silently recuperating.
The armored velociraptor was weak to the extreme after launching the talent avatar, but it was definitely not on the verge of death. When it chased Xiao Lingyu, although it was in a mess, it persisted in the front. It was more surprised than surprised and really desperate at the same time.
Just at this time, the East Pole demon clan was too old to chase after him, but when he saw Xiao Lingyu, it seemed that there was an accident. I don’t know if it was an accident. Xiao Lingyu was so embarrassed or an accident. Xiao Lingyu was able to attack the avatar in this armored velociraptor talent without dying.
But after a moment of stupidity, I saw that the strong armor velociraptor was going to pounce on Mrs. Xiao Lingyu. After a little hesitation, I once again took a crack at the strong armor velociraptor.
This time, the weak Velociraptor was unable to carry the crack baby’s clutches. After the flood of palm shadow attacks, its huge body collapsed and its limbs twitched a few times, and its magic baby soul was shattered on the spot.
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Elder Tai walked slowly to the side of the body of the armored velociraptor, and carefully checked it again to make sure that the Warcraft was dead before the magic sword took out a piece of jade Jane the size of a palm.