"hey! ! !”

Violet Se sword thrust forward with a jerk, and just recklessly made a record with Heinon that Emperor Xuanyuan couldn’t dodge the sword in his thigh!
When the sword is pulled out, blood splashes like rain!
It’s a pity that the Xuanyuanhuang artery was not cut.
Never come again!
There are many opportunities for Xiao Wen, Hai Nong and Bai Qionghai to help Nan Yunqing!
Who can know that she is actually getting more and more sad at this time?
After seeing that her father had become the ghost of Emperor Xuanyuan, she was closer to the truth of that incident.
In the later years of her life, her father did make some stupid moves and absurd moves, otherwise she would not have broken up with her father.
Now she naturally thinks that Xuanyuan Emperor can take her as a decent life, and the ghost spirit can of course control her father to do those ridiculous things.
So her father actually died earlier than she knew …
She has been obsessed with one idea for thousands of years, and today she suddenly feels that this obsession is really true!
How I want to kill you, Emperor Xuanyuan!
Virtual black gas suddenly a giant arm throws a huge slap and firmly draws it in the face of Xuanyuan Huang!
"pa! ! ! !”
Xuanyuanhuang was smoked and crashed into the ground, leaving a palm print on his face, and it was particularly embarrassing to be separated by the former sword! To be continued.
Chapter six hundred and nine Wear heart
Nan Yunqing’s life ghost spirit once rebelled against its original soul wisdom, and now this comprehensive combat power is not as good as the original 70%. In general, letting this life ghost spirit come out will add chaos, but when Xuanyuan Emperor is left with only 70% strength, this ghost spirit can play a positive role, such as unexpectedly slapping Xuanyuan Emperor.
Nan Yunqing can be inspired by the slap in the face and how strong it is. Otherwise, it will not directly smash Xuanyuan Emperor into the ground.
In fact, she never thought about abusing Xuanyuan Emperor. The only goal is to kill him. But now, after letting the ghost spirit slap Xuanyuan Emperor in the face, she still feels satisfied. On the contrary, she is not satisfied with the sword that was stabbed in Xuanyuan Emperor’s body, because that sword is always accompanied by the regret of not really killing Xuanyuan Emperor. It is impossible to kill Xuanyuan Emperor without regret but very Japanese.
Actually, Nan Yunqing didn’t think much about who she was. She has been living in her own way. In the eyes of most people, she is a perfect woman with strength, wisdom, will and beauty.
But after pulling out this slap, she finally felt a little more grounded.
Those who know how much pressure and pain she has suffered feel happy without this slap and wish Nan Yunqing could slap Emperor Xuanyuan more.
In fact, she is indeed doing that.
It’s that her expression is almost the same as Xiao Wen’s, but her anger in her heart is finally calm.
In this way, she seems to calmly solve the hatred and avenge it.
Bai Qionghai, ten tail tian hu, Xiao Wen and Hai Nong, the four powerful helpers, make Nan Yunqing hardly have to defend her and her ghost spirit to attack and attack again!
Xiao Wen’s fan-out turned out to be the first fan to Xuanyuan Emperor’s right leg.
Originally, Emperor Xuanyuan had to move involuntarily and stagnated. He raised the initial boundary yuan to deal with Bai Qionghai and Hainong, but once again he did not care about Nan Yunqing.
Nan Yunqing’s purple sword is cut horizontally to Xuanyuan Huang’s neck!
At this time, Xuanyuan Huang’s roots couldn’t make moves, and he was awkwardly short and dodged the sword.
However, it has not been completely evaded!
"hey! !”
Xuanyuanhuang’s golden crown was smashed and flew out!
Instantaneous Xuanyuan emperor’s hair was broken and the rest of it was flying freely.
But it’s not over yet. Nan Yunqing ordered the ghost spirit to push the left rear leg of Xuanyuan Emperor directly to the right leg bend of Xuanyuan Emperor!
"bang! ! !”