"Yes, isn’t she the best person?" Chiyou said with a bad smile that it seemed as if a demon was trying to tempt him to fall.

Wu Xiaojian certainly knew that a member of the Phantom of Qin Shiyu said that to him at the beginning, which proved that she must know a lot of things, but he asked him strangely, "The problem is that she doesn’t remember anything now. How can I ask her?"
Awakening Chiyou is the most serious situation. If Qin Shiyu hadn’t lost all his memories and become a two-or three-year-old child now, he wouldn’t have been able to control her. She tried to arrest her several times, but she slipped away. It’s hard to believe that there is such a side to Tang Daxing.
"Just because a person doesn’t remember doesn’t mean that she really doesn’t remember that memory is not so easy to forget, but it was temporarily put into the deepest part of consciousness." Chiyou told him with an evil smile.
"You mean … search the soul? Not reading your mind? " Wu Xiaojian found that the idea of soul searching was too evil and changed it to a more moderate one.
"That’s right, it’s as simple as that." Human-God nodded with satisfaction to show that that’s what he meant.
"It turns out that it can be like this." Wu Xiaojian found this really a way.
The reason why he is in such a hurry to upgrade to level 4 is very simple: he wants to upgrade his star again and get the commander-in-chief skill, which leads to the opportunity to upgrade Qin Shiyu to another star god.
The most evil thing about Commander-in-Chief is that it can upgrade even the star emissary. Considering that the star emissary can own the star gods, by default, the other star gods will become their own affiliated star gods, and a real legion will be established.
But he doesn’t want to do it yet because it’s too risky.
Qin Shiyu, a big star, must not let her run away. If she becomes his star god, he will have absolute control over her. Even after she regains her memory, she still has to order from her, and he will know that her situation has changed.
"Upgrade first." Wu Xiaojian knew that upgrading could not be delayed any longer.
He is facing more and more things now, but he feels weaker and weaker, and he is not as easy to deal with as in the past. He has become very strong in facing many things and he hates this feeling very much.
"Well, let’s go." Mu Jiao Jiao came to paddle with him and patted his ass. The soil knew that they were going to advance. Let’s play with him and analyze the depths of the cemetery.
Wu Xiaojian successfully rose to level 4 with a golden light rising into the sky when the Sun Mountain came.
Summoner’s advantage in fighting is not obvious, but in terms of promotion … it is difficult for a person to take a legion out to train … it is very difficult.
"I’ll help you boil water and wait for us together …"
Mu Jiao Jiao and his home horse hung his neck and lured him low, saying that his lower abdomen was attached to his belly, which was very suggestive.
"So excited?"
I feel a sigh when I think that this little beauty is still a rich little beauty who already has their child Wu Xiaojian in her stomach. Some things come so fast.
"That’s a few months before you can’t …" Rao is mu Jiao Jiao hooligans temper is about to mother some words also dare not say so bold.
"Hey" Wu Xiaojian remembered that they met for the first time at that time, and it was funny to remember that they were quarrelling when they met each other.
"Go" knows that he has important things to do. She seems to be more plump and let her do whatever she wants. This is already her home. He will accompany her later.
Jiao Jiao stood on tiptoe and pecked at his lips, knowing that she couldn’t do such a thing as cooking, but she had very rich theoretical knowledge about sleeping.
Wu Xiaojian saw that she was gone and knew that it was time for him to do his business.
The light mantra opened, and the blue agate falling mantra that he had been hanging around his neck opened the door to the purple bamboo dreamland, and a trance was sent into this purple and fragrant place.
"I seem to have a great-grandson?" Purple clothes saw him come in and the horse teased him.
Wu Xiaojian saw sitting next to the Zizhu round table with fragrant teas, which smelled like hippies in Jiao Jiao. The classical beauty in the palace was hard to believe, but this is really his grandmother-young.
"I was scared when I heard the news." Wu Xiaojian was calm at that time, but it is impossible to say that he is his own flesh and blood. He is not nervous. He is also going to be a father for the first time
"At that time, I felt that this girl had a simple and frank appetite for me, just like when I was young." Grandma Wu Xiaojian didn’t care what Wu Xiaojian was doing, but she felt that the more the better, so that the Wu family could prosper. This was the common idea of the older generation.
"Grandma" Wu Xiaojian knew that Mu Jiao Jiao was still waiting outside for him to tell her frankly that he had come here this time.
"Advanced? It seems that you don’t want to have new abilities. Let me help you. It’s very simple. "Purple clothes got up and motioned for him to go to the hut with people.
Wu Xiaojian also feels that this is an opportunity to answer the question he has been wondering, "Grandma, why do I feel that my advanced process is different from others? It seems that others don’t have my … ability?"
Purple clothes is about to take a step, hold your back and smile at him and say, "Isn’t it good? Do you still think you are just like others? "
Wu Xiaojian silently knows that he is different from others, and it feels like a sealed jar that can borrow the power of a demon and pay an unknown price at the same time.
"But Chiyou is also bad enough, and the other party has not awakened and directly retaliated against the other party for a while. I believe that the little one must be very uncomfortable now." Purple clothes said something.
"Battle of Destiny?"
Wu Xiaojian knew that his battle with Yunlong was a battle of fate, which lasted for thousands of years. Huang Di and Chi You never stopped fighting. There is no way to escape this battle. There is a mysterious force that will keep these two forces fighting, whether it is Xiang Yu and Liu Bang or Cao Cao and Liu Bei.
"Yes" purple clothes a slight sigh.
"But what am I?" Wu Xiaojian doesn’t understand why he inherited Chiyou-li. He has become a tough guy and wants to live a quiet life, but fate is so comedy that he has become an evil force. Chiyou also knows that Chiyou-gen is not an evil god, but a little evil at best, and Xiao se is more like a rogue.
Starting (8
Chapter 54 Li Qianru’s disappearance (more) [Chapter word count 41 latest update 1319 1: 53]
"Because there is no better candidate?" Purple clothes feel that something should also be said to him. Turn around and look at him lovingly and say, "Are you sure this human-god is independent and not part of your consciousness?"
Wu Xiaojian couldn’t answer. He felt that the question was too abstruse to understand, and at the same time he wondered if he was schizophrenic.
He sometimes thinks silently that all this is actually an illusion or a dream. In fact, he is already crazy. Like Don Quixote, he regards the windmill as a dragon. In the eyes of others, he is a crazy person who shouts in the street to kill monsters.
Exactly, what is true in this world? What is false? It must be true if you see it yourself?
Purple clothes saw his silence and understood his confusion. He said to him, "Why don’t you let yourself think so much and do what you want to do most? Don’t ask anyone, just ask yourself in the deepest part of your heart. In fact, you always know the answer. Now silence for a minute and tell me what the answer is?"
Wu Xiaojian does what she says. In his mind, grandma’s words are the most trustworthy.
Close your eyes for a minute and then slowly open your eyes. At this time, your eyes are no longer confused and you must tell her "stronger!" You give me something to build a goddess army to protect everything I want to protect! "
"So you always knew, didn’t you?" Purple clothes had guessed that he would answer like this, so he must not be surprised at his words. Say, "If you didn’t want to be stronger, you wouldn’t be here."
Wu Xiaojian understands and admits that he has been subconsciously longing for strength.
The awakening process of the third star is as simple as purple clothes, just like talking to NPC and then completing the advanced job transfer. Look at his property board again. His level has become four stars, and then he can be upgraded to five stars by raising his level to five.
But now his command skill has been activated again, which can upgrade a target to another star god.
From Zizhu Dreamland, I know that I can upgrade Qin Shiyu so late, and I can also start reading Qin Shiyu’s memory to understand what the Phantom of the Opera is, destroying the spiritual world. Of course, if I know that destroying the spiritual world can be a star war, he doesn’t care and help.
People directly returned to the bedroom and just came out and saw Mu Jiao Jiao rushing over with her mobile phone and said to him, "Sister Xiaojian Qin just told me that Qian Ruwu didn’t go to class and didn’t go back to the dormitory. Is it here for us?"
"Qian Ruwu no class? !” Wu Xiaojian wondered if he had heard wrong.