Li Feiyang’s action before stepping was greatly closed, and the ripples spread, and the gravel on his feet atomized and dissipated a few steps before he reached the yagyu cabinet.

One punch swings out, the wave condenses into a ball, and the depressing explosion explodes like thunder. If this punch hits Yagyu’s cabinet, the other party will definitely prepare powder in an instant.
Black light and instant wave
Li Feiyang’s pupil shrinks, and there is a danger than feeling clearly. He didn’t hesitate. His feet hit the ground a little harder and the whole person was swept out horizontally.
As soon as the figure was away from dozens of thunderbolts, the sword fern roared and bloomed in the place where Li Feiyang had just stayed, almost forming a harsh black half-moon. The violent and depressed wave was pierced by the sword fern with a sharp explosive sound and then annihilated and dissipated.
Yagyu cabinet with your eyes closed, the black sword rippled out in your hand, and the whole arm became a virtual shadow. Li Feiyang was shocked and inexplicable at this moment, and the degree reached by Yagyu cabinet was almost unbelievable.
However, his heart has not come to give birth to too many feelings and ideas. Yagyu cabinet has leaped like a black butterfly and drawn an arc sideways in the middle with absolute sharp strength and beauty.
The black moon is always close to Li Feiyang’s body.
Li Feiyang felt that every angle and position of his body was covered by this sword. There was no dead angle and no one could find flaws and loopholes in this sword.
Yagyu cabinet this sword is almost perfect.
Li Feiyang can avoid it. The only way to resist this move is hard connection.
He never imagined that yagyu cabinet moves could reach such a level! He didn’t even think that a Wushu would grow to such an extent!
Fists back in his chest Li Feiyang flesh hard shake this sword!
Blood flowed. Although Li Feiyang had already rushed back, his arms were still instantly cut by the blade of Yagyu cabinet, and a large piece of flesh fell to the ground. The fluctuation protection caused by the mixed force of forces was actually effective.
"What is your strength?" Li Feiyang retreat mouth surprised and asked at the same time
Yagyu cabinet closed his sword and opened his eyes slowly. At this time, his eyes were like a drawn sword with a biting chill.
"Sword is not here" Yagyu cabinet slowly has a short and powerful accent. "The mixed force moves generated by fencing practice to the limit can definitely break you if you can hit it, but if you can’t win, I’ll give up."
Li Feiyang seems to be a little surprised when he doesn’t hear Yagyu’s words. "Can fencing practice to the limit be able to derive mixed force?"
Yagyu cabinet is still unmoved, saying, "Five Elements of Strength, Martial Arts and Yuanshen". Is it strange that everything in the world can be derived from mixed forces? Even if you procrastinate, it is a matter of early failure and late failure. I advise you not to struggle.
Li Feiyang still adamant4 "how to derive? If it is martial arts, can it also be derived from mixed forces? "
Yagyu cabinet face gave me a little look of disgust. It seems that I am a little tired of this person’s naked procrastination, but I still patiently replied, "Understand your own strength and realize that it is possible to transform martial arts into mixed force." I will continue to make moves. Be careful.
Shape into a phantom floating in front of Li Feiyang yagyu cabinet this time a total of three swords, but each sword covers all corners of Li Feiyang’s body is still inevitable.
He is still going to force Li Feiyang’s flesh and blood to join his sword like just now.
Li Feiyang sighed lightly and didn’t dodge as he did just now. He looked at Yagyu’s cabinet and his eyes flickered. "I want to know the mystery of your swordsmanship, but it seems that you are not interested in telling me. Well, I’ll think of another way."
Covered with dark red flame, Li Feiyang slowly raised his hands to meet Yagyu’s cabinet and handed it to him.
Yagyu cabinet first looked one leng, then surprised, and then shocked. The black sword in his hand was instantly covered by red awn. How many times did he force others to die … Kun Yuanli lost his husband at this time, and the hot flame was like a life, which spread along the sword in Yagyu cabinet and consumed the indestructible swordsmanship mixed force, and then instantly swallowed up his body along the arm of Yagyu cabinet!
Yagyu cabinet directly flew out and was covered with dark red flames. A twisted face was full of unwillingness and horror.
The world around you changed again. Li Feiyang and yagyu cabinet appeared in the dark hall.
"No, my swordsmanship is far better than your martial arts. You beat me with high-order mixed forces. Are you invincible?" Yagyu cabinet struggled to get up, but his body was still dark red, as if the whole person had been roasted.
Li Feiyang took back the flame of Yagyu cabinet as early as the world changed, but everyone present didn’t know whether Yagyu cabinet was a failure.
Li Feiyang’s face was expressionless and faint. "If we are fighting for life and death, then you are already dead. Will you say that I can’t win?"
Yagyu cabinet a sluggish face constantly changing, like a dim light in the hall. In the end, he nodded heavily and said in a low voice, "You said that winning is winning. What is the method of winning and losing? Life and death can’t be repeated."
Speaking of this, Yagyu cabinet gave a deep gift to Li Feiyang with both hands. "Yagyu cabinet has been taught. Thank you for your advice!"
Li Feiyang was quite surprised. He didn’t expect this Yagyu cabinet to be so affordable. Previously, because he was unhappy with Liu Yuwen’s collusion, he suddenly dissipated a lot of rewards. "I’m flattered, but to be fair, your fencing mixed force is really extraordinary. I dare say that if the mixed force realm is consistent, it will be a great change when you wait for the mixed force to reach another level. Please don’t sell yourself short."
Yagyu cabinet heard this, I don’t know what I thought, but my face gave me a weak smile and shook my head.
In the hall, all the people watched the dialogue with great interest. At this time, the outcome was already divided. Everyone except Liu Yuwen had a gloomy face. Even before, Li Feiyang blocked Sifeng in every way and showed an appreciative smile.
Of course, whether he smiles from his heart or comes clean will be known to him.
"Pa pa" Big Elder clapped his hands with a smile and said, "The two strengths are extraordinary. It’s really my Sun Firm’s blessing. According to the agreement, Li Feiyang will be my deputy commander of the twelfth branch of Sun Firm. Although I lost, my strength is also serious. After several discussions, the chief steward of the twelfth branch of Yagyu Cabinet will help Li Feiyang to expand his power. I wonder if you would like to?"
Big elders was a Liu Yuwen immediately frightened to disgrace blurted out "big elders! Yagyu cabinet is my eleventh branch. "Speaking of this, Liu Yuwen immediately lowered himself because everyone in the hall was looking at him strangely."
If the elder’s sight drifted, Liu Yuwen said faintly, "Leader Liu, do you have any objection to my decision?"
Liu Yuwen suddenly broke out in a cold sweat on his forehead. Peng knelt down and said, "It’s a moment of confusion if you dare not belong to it." Please ask the elders to punish you. "
The elder waved his hand, "That’s all. Get up."
Liu Yuwen bowed down and bowed carefully and retreated to one side. His face was still concerned.
"Yagyu cabinet, would you like to?" The elder looked at Liu Shengju and asked him once again. Before the cabinet was respectful, he replied, "Thank you, Elder!"
Li Feiyang’s face was stunned and glanced at Yagyu’s cabinet, but the other party was visually in front of him without Li Feiyang’s line of sight.
"Ha ha good!" The elder smiled. "In that case, I’ll announce that the Japanese firm will arrange staff to be led by Li Feiyang and Yagyu cabinet to expand the business of Langya City. You must support them well."
It was a moment when everyone in the room was stunned. It was only a moment before everyone seemed to wake up. Chen Xuanqian handed over and said, "Please rest assured that you will take good care of all the preparations led by Deputy Li!"
Big elders well nodded, "then you go back first. I’ll arrange manpower for Li Feiyang. I hope you two will live up to the expectations of the firm."