Pirates are much more realistic than land players. I’ll fuck whoever is willing to pay. Is it easy for you?

But as soon as he finished his dream, the old man immediately shouted, "Don’t listen to his evil words to confuse people and kill this monster together!" "
At the moment when the voice fell, more than one hundred augs were raised at the same time to form more than half of the encirclement and "snapped" the mad dog dragon.
It’s not often that you can see the players on this side of the golden bow in two rows. The players in the front row are squatting on fire, and the players in the back row are shooting two rows of guns. It’s like an arc-shaped fire wall, and the guns are so dense.
Seeing the future soldiers in a hurry, Mars blooms like fireworks, and it sounds like a downpour pouring on a steel plate, but this steel plate doesn’t move a muscle.
It is said that there is no woman who doesn’t love clothes. Similarly, there is no man who doesn’t love guns and bows. These players have never been so fierce and carefree to shoot at Chutian Island.
Gun props are very similar to a certain part of a man’s body. Once you are on fire, it is difficult to stop and sweep it to a hearty place. Many people are passionate and scream with excitement.
Of course, at this level of indiscriminate bombing, you can’t expect the trajectory to be stable. Many bombs have hit the beach with smoke and dust, and the yellow sand is flying, and the future soldiers are out of sight.
The dream old man is also satisfied with staring at the picture before him. "Ha ha, you, the mechanical forces of the Eastern Dynasty? We have already worked out the countermeasures, so you can rest assured! "
He has no idea what the mad dog dragon’s vision is now.
Durability of battle clothes 2491/25; This is the result of three purifications and repeated fusion and quenching of rare metals such as polar ore, spalling ore and gold-titanium ore.
Yuanfei used to be confident that m5 could penetrate Mad Dog Dragon’s future soldiers, but he was more confident about this set of future soldiers, Mad Dog Dragon. It is not a threat to me if you shoot 20 rounds without firing a hundred rounds.
Energy durability 1/1; The energy that support this suit is that seventh generation variation source of Heicks. how powerful is it? In a word, it is equal to two thirds of the Aurora outside now.
Don’t look at these hundreds of guns and shoot them as happily as dogs urinate, but in the eyes of mad dog dragons, these bombs are not even Mao Mao rain.
The shooting lasted a total of one and a half minutes. Wenwen suddenly raised her hand "Stop-"
The "wall of fire" soon went out, and hundreds of aug guns were emitting light smoke. The beach was filled with a strong smell of gunpowder, and everyone waited for the smoke to fade away.
But they can’t wait for the moment to fade away, because the "Woods Woods" metal bite in the smoke, the terrible body of the future soldier has come out of the smoke, and his eyes are full of frightening blue light.
"It seems that I have to teach you to turn over a new leaf!"
As soon as Mad Dog Dragon said this sentence, someone in the front row suddenly turned around and ran. With the first person running, there was naturally a second, a third and a fourth … In a short moment, thirty or forty players immediately ran away.
When people are living, their potential is poor. Of course, there are also five or six small warriors who are not afraid of death, shouting and rushing in, trying to cut the head of a mad dog dragon with a sword in their hands.
However, these five or six people rushed to the middle and squatted, because the future soldiers’ metal heads "bang" a circle of halo jellyfish ears to create a "brain-dead split" to deal with these low-level players is the best weapon.
Then the mad dog dragon lost one that killed you. Three thousand "boom, boom, boom", and after three explosions, six bodies were cut beyond recognition through a shock wave in three fire clouds.
He’s so technologically advanced now that he says that bombing these people is just a wave of bombs.
However, these people don’t know whether to live or die in order to deter these golden bows from making waves.
"Brothers, let’s go ———" Someone shouted "Surround him to death" in a little passion.
Mad dog dragon turned his head and saw that seven armored soldiers armed with a uniform cross shield formed a steel defense line, followed by a dozen assassin hunters, and a large group of people rushed in with lofty sentiments.
That’s a good idea. Shields and armor are in the front to absorb the damage, and then they rush to chop your head off with knives.
Mad dog dragon is too lazy to ignore these people without looking. Raising his left hand "rushed" is a shot.
It doesn’t matter that a milky spherical energy bomb flies out of the tactical pulse muzzle at a fast speed, but once it hits the ground, it creates a huge edge-shaped energy field, and its white light bursts and energy bursts are constantly dying. Anyway, the group of people are flying around with shields and tumbling down, regardless of whether the front row or the back row is falling down a lot.
Wandering nasty "ah mage? Together! "
The wizards had prepared dozens of staves to hold high the beach and once again there was a spectacular scene.
A mass of seven-color chaos appeared, and the future soldiers were wrapped in this mass of chaos, and all kinds of arcane skills were lost in all directions. What fire walls, fireballs, fire phoenixes, ice cones, snowstorms, wind blades, tornadoes, thunder, glare … all kinds of different forms and colors swallowed up the future soldiers.
The beach is as bright as day and the ground keeps exploding.
This scene is very similar to the first time Mad Dog Dragon saw Xia Xiaoqing in the magma pool bridge in the cave. I thought that he was very envious of Xia Xiaoqing’s rival in love. Now the scale of this attack is ten times larger than that of that year. Not only Mad Dog Dragon has achieved the realm of "You are earth-shattering, I am still untouched".
Processor "The body is under fierce attack!"
Mad dog dragon disdains to sneer at "ray weapon system!"
In the future, the right hand palm of a soldier suddenly changes, and the palm steel plate falls into it to form a dark muzzle.
Processor "X-ray system is charging for 1 second"
Mad dog dragon looked at the durability of the suit 2479/25!
The damage caused by so many people’s indiscriminate bombing is not even nine Niu Yi hairs. Of course, this is not that the future soldiers are too strong, but that these people are not capable.
However, it’s not the way to be beaten so often. You have to show your hands to show your world.
Processor "X-ray system is fully charged!"
The muzzle emits a sound that gradually fades from weak to strong, and then flashes at the same time.
About 5 seconds later, "whew" sounded, and a purple-red energy ray as thick as a washbasin blew out through chaos.
The real name of this weapon system is death ray, which is the principle that Heicks scientific and technological energy converts photoarcane energy, and at the same time, the power of high-intensity charged fission is released 5 meters away, which depends on the energy degree and has destructive special effects.
So a more spectacular scene appeared again! to be continued
Chapter seven hundred and thirty New combat gear
The seven-color chaos on the beach is like an egg. The mage is constantly smashing skills around it, and the egg is getting bigger and bigger because it absorbs a lot of arcane energy.
However, at this time, a purple light beam suddenly bounced out of the egg, and the five mage shields on the left side of the beach were smashed, and then the light beam was touched, and they were all lit by a purple crystal flame.
In just five seconds, the speed of the five wizards’ bodies was visible to the naked eye. First, they caught fire, melted with their clothes, then turned into bones and finally turned into ashes.
Mad dog dragon slowly turned his right hand, and the death ray swept from left to right at a very slow speed.
The ground "boom" where we passed exploded constantly. The high frequency of explosion lies not in the speed of rifle shooting, even the bulky hard rock was blown up. Whoever touches any horse will be burned to ashes. This is the real ray, and the ashes will be annihilated.
Hundreds of people immediately messed around, many soldiers, assassins and other melee professions jumped up and evaded because of their good posture, but those nearby mages and wet nurses were unlucky. They couldn’t hide at all, and at the same time, they instantly quit 5 meters away and could be burned into piles of black ash by rays
After the big bang on the beach lasted for 1 minute, it stopped. The future soldiers took back the rays and the mechanical palms recovered as before.
At the moment, no one dares to fight any more, and there are more than 200 people left who run away without saying anything, and they are crazy to escape, even the dream old man and Wenwen are no exception.
Especially the dream of the old man running like that is definitely not an old man’s way. It feels like there are dozens of wild dogs chasing him behind him.
But how can you run faster than the funny dragon when it comes to running?