"My knife is not an ordinary knife, but the power contained in the ghost king in those days. I didn’t make it white today, brother. My knife, like your sword, has become a part of our life. Be careful, brother! " After that, the blade shook nine circular knives and attacked me from Zhongsan Road.

I’m not as unconscious as he is. It hurts to cut a knife in my body. Although I won’t die, I have to find a way to avoid it. How? Invisible, of course!
Fortunately, invisibility was just as good as dodging from the gap between the knives. After a few seconds, I regained my shape and returned his sword. I dodged compared with the knife soul, and I cared about other parts of his body. No matter what this guy is most concerned about or his body, his weakness is that his body is full of energy. Can the demon heart hang him up? I am full of expectations when I think about this.
Knives and swords are dealing with each other carefully. After several retreats, the original murderous heart has faded. Many intuition tells me that this opponent is worth fighting, so the devil’s heart turns faster and I fight more seriously.
"I heard that you have a dragon pet. Why don’t you let it out?"
"You can’t find them yet!" What’s not about them? I wish they were ten million times better than me, so I would be happy and relaxed. Xiaolong and Xiaofeng are still in the growth stage, and I don’t want them to take risks at all now.
"Haha, since you won’t let go, I won’t let go."
"Fight with XiaoMou how do you want to have scruples? Xiaomou really wants to see a pet. "
"Hey, hey, if this is the case, Knife will make a fool of himself." As soon as he shouted, he called out a skeleton soldier.
"Ah, ha, ha, ha, you actually called such a guy as a pet?" This guy is really tasteless. Why not invite some lifeless guys to spoil him?
Dao Soul urged the little skeleton to attack me and said, "Dao is immortal and different from skeleton?" Skeleton to skeleton, this is a family. Don’t underestimate it. It is very strong! "
I also think it’s strong. You have to admit that it’s strong in the face of an inanimate guy, but the broken sword has the eye of the ghost king embedded in it. If it’s still a undead, it will have to surrender to me.
Sure enough, no matter how hard the little skeleton’s knife soul urges, it is not only indifferent, but keeps hiding behind the knife soul for a while, and then its eyes are fixed on the broken sword body. "I said, why is the little skeleton so abnormal today? It turned out that the kid saw the king of hell, and people are not as good as the knife!"
"How big can a real master be when you recognize a pet?"
Knife soul heard this sentence and paused for a moment. "Well, brother, you’re right. It’s not a big deal for real masters to deal with those pets."
After this period, the devil’s heart has gathered enough energy, and it’s time to vent them. "Knife Soul, if you can return it in this enrollment, I may join you personally."
"really?" Light comes out from the soul’s eyes.
"Xiao always keeps his word."
"It’s a deal, bring it on." The soul of the knife posed for it seriously.
The broken sword slowly raises the left hand shaft to make a semicircle, and then blows the energy in the devil’s heart to the soul of the knife like a volcanic eruption.
At the moment when the energy was played, I saw a trace of regret in the eyes of the soul of the knife. At this time, he regretted that he had come to break the sword and hit him with thunderous force.
The so-called immortal sword spirit is "destroyed" and the body is broken into pieces and scattered all over the floor. The funniest thing is that the mouth is actually intact and even funnier is that it can still talk. "You said you would join us if you asked me to pick it up!"
"Did I say that? I didn’t say that! " In fact, I promised to marry him personally, not with their fantasy family.
"Ah …" After a few weeks, all the ground minced meat turned into a mass of black gas, and a slightly angry sound came out in the air. "Xiao Hou, how can you be so ashamed? !”
How can there be immortality in this world? Even the magic statue, his body is not the same finished?
Chapter 213 Martial magic city
I feel a little better after driving away two important people from the Magic Family. The purpose of my coming to Wushenzhou is to explore what kind of magical things will be available in this auction and finally get them. Although it is now famous, I will continue to walk until I decide to give up the game.
Because I don’t think about things, I am surprisingly quiet when I walk.
"Hey, chat?" The magic statue came out again.
"You are not closed? What are you doing out? "
"It’s boring to be closed. Can’t you change your mind now?"
I am both happy and disgusted with the possession of the magic statue. I am happy that I never taste death. I am disgusted that I can’t have a complete self. "Do whatever your boss likes!" I went on my way and ignored him.
"Hey, I said that it’s not as simple as chatting with you this time. Do you want to hear the reason?"
"You love to talk!"
"MD old if it weren’t for think you this is already left you," send people fence always have to pay some price old temporarily wronged a listen! There is a magic market in Shangwu city. Will you go? "
This news is quite important. Anyway, things in the magic city are much better than things in the human world. You might as well go and see if there are good things, but it may not be "where?" I will go! "
"Hey hey tempted? But I have to ask you a question before I go. "
"say it!"
"Aren’t you afraid that the magic city has never allowed humans to enter?"
"Afraid? What am I afraid of when you are here? Although I am not a magic man, if you exude a little magic, they will take it for granted that I am a magic man, just like when I was in love with a dead chicken and touched people. "
"Xiao you don’t give me love dead chickens touch people again. If you have the opportunity, you will always find my filial grandchildren back! Now don’t talk nonsense, follow me to guide you to act as quickly as possible, and remember to try your best. There are many people in Shangwu City who are better than you! "
"I know! Go! " Although I know that there are many people in the game who are better than me now, I never thought that an auction would attract so many masters.
I dare not think about things and run as fast as the magic statue guides me. I think this should be the fastest time I have ever run.
Seeing places that are not light is often very hidden, and so is this magic city. If it were not for the guidance of the magic statue, I would never have thought that such a place would be hidden in this dark forest even when I got to the field.
"I wonder if the magic man has to live by doing business?"
"Nonsense magic man is also a kind of person, and of course he has to be rich!"
"Can human money be in the underworld?"
"The world is connected with all metal currencies except those paper money."
"I have another question-since you don’t allow humans to enter, who are you dealing with?"
"Ha ha ha ha, it’s natural for us to do business in the human world. The human world is very different from the underworld. Most of the despicable people here are the people we see when we go in to do business with those guys. Don’t talk nonsense."
"What kind of person am I?"
"That’s why people like you can’t get bored for a long time."
"Well, release your magic spirit!"
The magic statue was no longer nonsense, and a little black energy was slowly released from the body to the body.
The entrance of the magic market is in front of the root of an ancient tree. I feel that there is a force with the same nature as the magic statue standing around the entrance. The magic statue immediately put a little more breath, and that force immediately subsided.
After entering the ancient tree, I saw a tunnel with a height of only one person and a width of more than one meter. The tunnel wall was symbolically hung with green lights and looked like a jack-o’-lantern.
"Monster, can I ask you a question?" I carefully asked the magic statue without order and concentration.
"say it!"
"What’s the difference between the underworld and the underworld?"
"To be exact, there is no ghost world in this game, because no one will really die. There is no ghost world in this game. There are gods, demons and human beings, but whether there is a ghost world in the real world is for you to guess. I don’t know."
"You are not like god? How can I not know? "
"You little clear, ok! I’m a man-made program. In the final analysis, I’m still an artificial root, and I can’t reach the point of God. But in time, hey hey, maybe the statue can really become a real magic statue … "