Then he saw that the black shadow was shaken by his roar and quickly disappeared in the churning, leaving a "-42" damage value!

It’s enough to hurt you. I’m not afraid you’ll always be invisible!
In fact, Mad Dog Dragon himself knows that it’s really not suitable to yell again tonight. Don’t look at the skill Goddess Wrath, which is great. It is based on the basic warship action that "every casting consumes 6% of the current physical and mental health", which has reduced his major attributes by almost one third. This consumption is very large.
However, he shook off the other side, and he himself got a sore waist. As soon as he grabbed it, he pulled out a willow flying knife and looked at the attribute health value. The spirit value did not drop, and the speed was dropping at 5 o’clock per second.
Hidden weapons and other things are the usual means of stalkers, but this stalker is even more insidious. He wants to lower your spirit. To put it bluntly, it is disguised as lowering your ability to predict and perceive. You can’t find it when you sneak attack.
No way!
He must be dealt with quickly!
Mad dog dragon swallowed a handful of antidote and continued to stay put, but "Survival of the Jedi" has secretly seen him carefully observe the situation around him.
It’s a pity that there are too many sundries in this room. The line of sight is not wide enough, and there are many obstacles to see through.
Another burst of "Hua" rattled the mad dog dragon and turned decisively. Although the stalker didn’t show up this time, he had to dodge because the giant iron hook was pulled and hooked towards him again.
This moment in his mind is white, and the other party’s sinister hook means that he must hide from the other party for a moment before taking the opportunity to make moves.
This is a flash of flint. The mad dog dragon jumped out from the side and caught a chrysanthemum thunder in his hand, waiting for it to explode.
"Boom" exploded, and the box sundries in the room were lifted to fly up into a mass of fire and the black shadow was shaken off at the same time.
This time, the shadow didn’t disappear again, and it bounced back from the ground with one hand, which was even faster than the mad dog dragon getting up. It was swept over directly, showing that the larger foe was ready to fight hard.
But the incredible scene finally appeared, and the shadow flew halfway, as if it hit a wall and fell like a broken kite and lay still.
Mad dog dragon just got up from a large piece of smoke and came back to see that this shadow was actually a woman wearing a black cloak. The woman was in a good figure and beautiful. The problem is that now this woman has a sharp axe on her forehead, and it is flashing with golden light. Obviously, it was taken away by a flying axe with skills.
Mad dog Long Daqi looked up and saw a man fall from the ceiling. This man fell to the ground coughing and then exhaled and breathed hard. It was estimated that he had been hidden in his face for a long time, otherwise the two experts present would never have found him.
When this gray-headed guy turned around, Mad Dog Dragon’s eyes were wide open. "How did you get here?"
Emma’s chest heaved sharply. "Cough me … Cough me … I want to help you, don’t I?"
The mad dog dragon has a fart paste. "I really want to learn about your hiding!"
"I shouldn’t have come! I regret it to death! Who knew this side was so dangerous! " Emma looks like she is beating her chest and stamping her feet again. "I came straight from the pontoon bridge when the warship exploded!" "
The mad dog dragon was dumbfounded, but suddenly it was dark at that time, and the crowd was in chaos. It was just like walking straight. No one would notice you and me. Why didn’t I think of that? Shit!
In fact, the first person Emma met after the ship was this woman and the French enemy, who had just jumped onto the deck and was explaining the matter.
"Resident support will be here soon. Go to the bottom and stall that face. Kill him if you have the chance. Lao Yu and Xiao have died at his hands."
Unfortunately, Emma overheard this, and she was anxious as soon as she heard it, but then the mad dog dragon bombed it. Emma actually reached the lower cabin before this woman in the chaos …
At first, I was touched by the mad dog dragon. Anyway, Emma, a 2-level little soldier, came to help herself regardless of everything, and it worked wonders. She really treated herself as a friend.
It is true that the last surprise effect was also built before the roar of the former mad dog dragon and the bombing. Otherwise, the axe was estimated to be Mao Mao rain, which not only missed the key, but also confessed her own life here.
"how about it? Am I still making great progress? " Emma is a little proud. "Don’t be old. I don’t always leave me alone!" "
"That’s that!" Mad dog dragon thought you were lucky enough to blow up the sky. Even if you didn’t hang up, it’s unscientific to fly a master with an axe!
Then it wasn’t bragging and farting when the two men picked up their weapons and rushed through the cargo hold, crossed the corridor and finally entered the pressure chamber
The control system terminal room finally appeared in front of us. Mad dog dragon rushed to the console. "The gas circulation of the closed brake pressure system warship will be destroyed, but when it sinks, it will definitely not work. A bunch of bombs can make it sink quickly into the water in 1 minute …"
He was afraid that Emma wouldn’t understand the detailed explanation, but Emma ran outside before he finished. "I know the principle. I’ll go to the air guide valve and brake the outer cabin and you can load it!"
"yeah!" Mad dog dragon turned and muttered, "I didn’t expect you to know a lot!" "
Jiang Huafa’s bunching time bomb was quickly embedded in the console, and it was also set.
Emma suddenly ran in in a panic. "Brother Cucumber is not good enough to meet many people!" "
Mad dog dragon’s heart sank. He thought about it and pressed the side button of two bombs. The countdown changed immediately.